Corn Maze and Holidays

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch in October. I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is around the corner. I am in love with this time of year.



It's been quite a while. We moved. We lost our computer. We got a new computer, and now I am totally out of the habit of getting on it!
However I decided to get on today, and check a few things, including this way non-happening blog!
We love our house. Love it. We have made lots of new friends in our new area, and are finally feeling a bit settled.
It's nice to not be so over-focused on the house now. We have had some wonderful days visiting the corn-maze, carving pumpkins, hosting a Halloween party and trick-or-treating. Last night was great as we sat around the fireplace as a family and just laughed and talked and shared stories about this and that. We are finally starting to RELAX and it feels good.