Lonelier as Slush

My dear and funny friend Karen sent me an email this morning with a fun link.


If you go to their home page and click on Anagram Server, you can input your name and find your own anagram. I got a good laugh as I put in my name and the names of my family members. Mom and Dad Anglesey, if you are reading this, you both have pretty funny ones.

If you try it, and get a good one, post it here and let me know.

Thanks for the tip Karen (aka...darkened enemas)!!

Your friend,
"Lonelier as Slush" or with maiden name used..."Uselessly agile hen"


green thumbs

Is it time to start thinking about gardening yet? I'm ready!
On the way through the check-out line at the store the other day, I saw a garden magazine and grabbed it. As I looked through it at home, my heart was pounding! The anticipation! I can't wait for the color, the fragrances, the dirt-stained fingernails. Bring it on, I say!
I do not profess to be a master gardener, but how happy I am that gardening is in my blood. I remember my grandparents' garden, my mother's gardens. I love to see what my sister has done in her garden, and now I have 2 sisters-in-law whose thumbs are obviously green too. My grandmother-in-law is no longer with us, but her garden was amazing. She could grow hydrangeas and geraniums like no one else could in this desert-like area.
I have a blank slate out in my back yard. A huge one. It is a little overwhelming, because I want to plan and do it right. But at the same time, I think...how can you do it wrong? I'm going to plant what I love. Lots of flowers.
There is nothing so beautiful as flowers, I think.


boarding bug

Just thought I'd share a few pictures of my two oldest kids. They discovered snowboarding this year. Monkey A is almost 12 and Monkey B is 10. They picked it up pretty quickly and are anxious to go a few more times before spring sets in.



As I type this, I have 2 little three-year old arms wrapped around my waist, and a long haired, dirty blonde head resting on my chest. The older kids are off to school, and my "baby" just woke up and climbed up here on my lap. She is going through an interesting stage. She is my shadow and won't let me out of her sight. I think I remember my other kids being younger when they went through their "separation anxiety" stage. But here she is, just barely 3 years old, and attached to me with that invisible string as I go about my daily duties. I have been complaining about it lately, because it just makes it hard to do anything. As I walked toward the bathroom yesterday, she yelled for me, and I had to turn around and basically ask for her permission to go to the bathroom by myself, please. It's that bad.
But as she sits here on my lap, her little heart beating against mine, and her sweet full cheeks all rosy from slumber, my frustration ebbs.
I am filled with love for this little one, and feel determination to just relax and enjoy the fact that she wants to be near me. She is my baby. My last. The other kids clung at one point too, but their time has past. This is my last chance. She may never want to be this close to me again.
I'm scooping her up, and we will climb the stairs together.
Heartstrings tied, we will face the day.