Spontaneous Joy

Sometimes I sit down and decide to post on my blog. I have no idea what I am going to say. Other times, I have thought of something I want to share and know exactly which pictures I'm going to use.

Today I just sat down and hit the post button without a single idea in mind. Let's see what I come up with.

Okay, first of all, last week our computer crashed and all our photo files were gone. I am talking photos from the past3 years. Luckily Trev was able to retrieve most of them, but some are missing and some are messed up. I noticed while looking through what had been recovered that many of last month's Halloween party picts are gone. Thank goodness I posted a blog entry with photos of each family. Thank goodness for my blog!

Last night we decided to stop in to visit my parents. They live only about 10 miles away, but funny how often we DON'T stop by. Well, I'm so glad we did because it was just what this soul needed. What is it about HOME? What is it about the open arms of people who love you. We sat around and talked, the kids with huge grins on their faces eating up the attention of doting grandparents. We played games and sipped homemade hot cocoa. Thanks mom and dad for the warmth and welcoming. I feel lifted and loved.

I'm definitely ready to get the rest of our Christmas decorations up, and the tree decorated this weekend. I love the spirit of Christmas time. I love the feelings of peace, hope and love at this time of year. After many years, I finally bought a nativity scene, and I am SO excited about it! I really felt the need to get a "real" one this year. With all the turmoil in the world right now, that scene of Jesus and his birth and the importance of it all grounds me and makes me feel happy. I plan to make it the center of many conversations with our kids this season.

Good place to end my post. I hope this Christmas season brings much joy to the world and to you! Until next time...


My Swinging Monkeys

If you keep up with my blog, you should know that I love to play tennis. I really, very much love to play. (Iknow, you're probably sick of hearing about it...)

But did I ever mention that my monkeys play too?

They do. And they love it.

No, it's not me just loving that they love it, they really do love it! And of course, I do love that they do. Follow me?

I followed them around during their lessons yesterday with my camera.

Trev had his team practice right after the kids had their lessons. I thought of taking some pictures of him too, but didn't think he would have liked me following him around while he hit with all the guys.

Anyway, I admit I do have hopes that they will keep up with this sport. They can play it forever if they want to!

I'm really not prejudiced, I KNOW they all have great potential!!

Keep swinging my sweet monkeys!!!!


"If I can do it, anyone can" - me

The phone rings.
"Hello?", I ask.
"Hello, May I speak to Mrs. L please?"
"This is Mrs. L."
"Hi, this is so and so from the Herald. I am doing a piece for the paper on kayaking, and was wondering if I might be able to interview you."
"Um, me?" I stutter.
"Yes, I got your name from.....blah blah blah, and would really like to make an appointment to meet you, and ask you some questions."
"Ha ha ha ha." I laugh out loud. I wonder...is this one of my husband's pranks. He likes those, so I almost ask.
But instead I say, "Oh, I think you want to talk to my husband, he is the kayaker. I have only been a couple of times."
"Oh no", she says. "I would love to interview you. It's good to get a beginners perspective. Do you mind if I come to your home and bring my photographer also?"
I manage to mumble "um, okay", and proceed to exchange info and set up the date.

Luckily Trev got a good lunch break, so he made it for the interview. It was MUCH better with him there, because he had all the "real" info. I got written in for my positive attitude and beginner's experiences. Ha. Monkey A was even quoted in the article since she had just kayaked in Montana and absolutely loved it.
I must say though after all the hype, I felt a little like a hypocrite. I didn't get a chance to go again after that, and probably won't until next year. And because I don't want to be a hypocrite, I'll need to taste the dangers of a little white water and see if I like it. I will also need to go more often with my husband, and make sure MA gets her time on the water as well. Yes, as the article quotes us, this can be a family thing! Here's to next summer!
I did feel a bit silly posing in a kayak in my garage. It's a lot more fun on the water.


5th Annual Monster Mash!

Here we go! Pictures from our annual family Halloween party. Thanks everyone for the frighteningly fun night! We enjoyed Italian sodas (the Ginger Spice, Vanilla Bean & Peach were most popular). We had fun playing Halloween pictionary going from a timer of 1 minute down to 5 seconds. The kids played a candycorn toss and we all enjoyed looking at the costumes and eating awesome finger foods. The chocolate covered bacon was a first for me, but was surprisingly tasty.
Here you go, enjoy the pictures!!!

Your are invited...

Sarah Palin & John McCain made it to our party!!! (Mom & Dad Anglesey)

Eileen & Steve...Wow, what a hot devil!

Jeff, Kelli & Alex
Master Chief, the beautiful wench & giraffe

Shelli, Monkey D, B, C, A, & Trev.
Velma, the witch, the skater dude, the evil empress, the biker chick & the scotsman. MMMM, I love the kilt, but I really think it should have been a bit shorter to show off those hot legs.)

Darren...or is that Fred Flinstone?

Kiersten, Ezra, Ty & Josh
The farmer girl, pumpkin, Wolverine & the hippie

Mike, Mikey, Jenn, Avery & Alexis
The pirate AAARGH, Piglet, hippie chick, Daisy Duck & the pretty princess

Amy as Lady Guinevere...the pregnant Lady Guinevere

Marsha, Deanne, Maggie, Chloe & Patrick
The cavewoman, witch, Ariel, cute octopus & Dude

Mom & Dad Larson going fishing with the toilet paper

MB's loving Jeff's costume.

And the winners of the Best Overall Costume Contest are...3rd place - Fred Flinstone. It was a tie for 1st & 2nd place - Master Chief & Palin/McCain. GREAT costumes!!!

Okay, and for those of you who left earlier, you might have missed the hit of the party. His name is Ezra, and he came as a cute little pumpkin. But as the party began to wind down, and wigs started coming off, this little guy was a GREAT sport. First someone put the "James Brown" wig on him. With Darren in the background imitating James Brown & Ezra smiling for all to see, we all laughed till we cried.

His smile continued as we continued with the wigs. He didn't even try to pull them off and we got some great pictures. Oh did we laugh. Thanks for being such a great sport Ezie!!!