I'm awake.

I had one of those dreams.
It seemed so real and I awoke from my own weeping.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had those, right?
In this dream, I lost Trevor.
And the dream seemed to last the whole night.
It was horrible.
And it took the whole morning to stop the tears.
I was exhausted the whole day.

And more aware.

I held his hand every chance I got.
I looked at him a little longer.
I stopped and hugged him more than once.
I inhaled his scent and savored it.

Sometimes I wonder why it has to take a dream
to wake me up.
And appreciate the man that shares my soul.


Summer So Far...

Wait! Don't throw away that old potato in the back of your pantry!
Just look at your other options!

Date night at Hogs and Dogs in the park...oh yeah baby, can you say biker chick?

My man likes to surprise attack. Especially his offspring.

The poor kid...didn't even see it coming...

Melting my heart...

Googles, me & monkey A

4 tubes + good friends = tons of fun

Yo mom.

The monkeys.

More monkeys with cousins watching driveway fireworks.

Hope you had a
hap hap happy
hip hip hooray
zippety doodah
shiny sparkly
poppety pop pop
4th of July weekend!