Every day moments.

I was just thinking about how I don't use my 
camera very much anymore.

When my kids were smaller, I remember having the
camera out and ready so I could capture
the cuteness that happened in an instant.
Like above when Googles would suck on her toes.
Or below when the girls would play the
"can you guess the spice" game.

But lately it seems I only have the camera when
something special happens.
Like a birthday or a trip.
My kids are older, but they still DO camera-worthy things!
Like this...
So I'm going to try to capture more of the everyday moments.
Because these days are flying by.
See ya.
Gotta get the camera out...



Cake is good.

Let's start with CAKE!
Cake is an absolute good.

You aren't sure that one of these is a cake?
Just wait.
I'll explain it in a minute.

But trust me...it's cake... and they were both
super delicious.

Montana had a birthday.
She keeps growing no matter how hard I try to stop her.
12 is a big one.
She is super excited about her new...
"Apple iPod Nano 8GB Green 6th Generation"
Yep.  That's what she called it as she jumped for joy.

And here is my lovely mother.
She also had a birthday.
And here she is modeling the sassy apron
my sister made for her.
See the cute cowgirl fabric?  My sis is from Wyoming.
And she is darling.
And so is my mom.
and this apron.

And I really wanted to hang it up with my other aprons.
But it wasn't for me.

It's not all about me, you know?

I have really cute nephews.
Here are two of them,
Matthew and Michael.
They don't care about aprons.

I have cute nieces too.
They are really smart.
They care about cake...

Mom gets to blow out some candles.
On the cake that was supposed to be a 
3-layer lemon coconut beauty.
When the layers slid off the lemon curd, and the frosting
fell off the sides, we decided it should be a "trifle" instead.

But it was still cake.  And it was yummy beyond belief.
I doubt I will attempt a triple layer cake ever again.
Making one...not eating one.

And candles for Montana...

I love love love my siblings.
If I could be with them every day, I would.
They bring out the happy in me.

They also bring out the silly.

Silly.  Happy.  Blessed.
This is good stuff.