Cotton is our puppy. He is a blonde Pomeranian, and we got him for Christmas. After 14 years of marriage, "some day" has finally come for us. I knew we would have a dog eventually because my husband is an animal magnet. He loves them, and they adore him. Don't get me wrong, I like animals. During my life I have had pet cats, rats, hamsters & fish. I love to visit the zoo! But I'm kind of like a cat. They are pretty independent and can take or leave you, and I'm the same with them.
Dogs are different though.
Here's what I have learned about dogs.
1. Puppies are the cutest things until you've had them for 2 weeks and they are still pooping and peeing in your house.
2. Getting a new puppy is like having a newborn baby. Except puppies don't wear diapers.
3. When you take the dog out to pee, and he is in a mischievous mood, you don't care that your neighbors hear you screaming "get back here you dumb dog!". Especially when you are barefoot, in your pajamas, and your 3 year old is running after you down the street crying her eyes out because YOU ran off.
4. Some puppies take longer to housetrain.
5. A dog is a member of your family.
6. A dog wants to please you and protect you and play with you and lick you.
7. A dog has facial expressions and knows how to use them.
8. A dog doesn't understand when you all leave the room and forget to bring him along.
9. Playing "fetch" is a lot of fun.
10. Petting soft fluffy fur is soothing.

We enjoy Cotton so much. I have surprised myself by the fact that I love this dog. I love watching the kids play with him and love him. They have no trouble bathing him, feeding him or even with "poo day" when they have to clean up the yard. He is an energetic, sweet little body of fluff, and I can honestly say I am glad to have him in our family.