Stuff fluff.

Shelli, Elece, Coach, Janelle, Val

My summer flex league doubles team.
And our awesome coach.
We stuff fluff.
And he is wise.

I love this sport.


Daddio, Cherries & Heaven on Earth.

We just returned from our first summer vacation!

That's Googles holding onto me.

I won't mention the rain, hail, wind, dark clouds, and COLD temps.
I won't tell you about how we were there for a whole week
and I only rode my quad on TWO of those days because of icky weather.

Because I am so positive, I will tell you about the TWO wonderful days.
Sunshine, sand dunes, jumping hills, tearing it up...

There's Trev. Nice jump. Notice the Tetons in the back?
Just beautiful.

Wish there had been more days like that one.

My daddio.
My sis just happened to be in town (QUICK trip) so
we got to celebrate Dad together.
Isn't he handome? He's sweet too.
Oh, you have the best Dad?

Feels like summer. FINALLY.
Oh my heart...aren't we blessed to have the beauty of flowers?
Thank you Heavenly Father.
From the bottom of my heart and my whole being.

The comfort & beauty of home.
I love home.

If you came to visit me,
you would be greeted by my welcome frog,
lilies and lavender.

Oh this just keeps getting better.
You can bet I pulled over in a heartbeat today when I saw the sign.
Fresh off the trees.
Truly, is there anything better?
Probably. But not today.

We are so lucky to live in orchard country!

I'm so loving summer so far.
How about you?


Blogger's Block.

Oh I've been a bad girl.
I have been avoiding you, blog.
Not on purpose,
life just gets busy you know.

I looked here and there for inspiration.
An exciting and noteworthy blog post.
Writer's block I guess,
I wasn't coming up with much.

But I think that is okay.
I have been enjoying life.
Enjoying SPRING.

You know how I love it,
you've heard it all before.
And maybe I didn't want to bore you
with the same ramblings
about GREEN
about BIRDS
about FLOWERS.
Ah...say no more Shelli,
they've heard it.
They know.

And so...
a few pictures instead.
Here's what I've been up to
while I've been away from the blogging life.
It will have to do for now.

Just know I am really dying to write more about GREEN.
But I won't.

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