Dworshak...That's where it's at!

We are back from some back-to-back camping trips. We made such GREAT memories!
Here's a taste of the first trip. Enjoy!!
Stay tuned for more pictures from our Montana lake camping trip.

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We are loving summer!

Here are a few pictures showing you some of the things we have been up to.

We started our summer break in Cody, Wyoming visiting my sister and her family. "The Cousins" are pictured at top. Actually our kids just say it like one word.."thecousins".

Here are the kids in Yellowstone! And there's Trev and Brandon having a "shoot out" in an old western town, and MD being so cute on my lap.

We spent the 4th of July with friends. Everyone had a great time swimming in Halverson's pool. We had a BBQ and enjoyed the day in the sun, ending it with a fantastic fireworks show in the evening.

And my hubs, Trev and I celebrated our 15 year Anniversary this month. WOW! We've made it this far! Trev picked me up in his Dad's old pick-up. It is the same one he picked me up in for our first date. We went to dinner, and then on a motorcycle ride, just like our first date. (See my March post "Spring is in the Air!" for details on that first date thing...:)

We also went kayaking with our friends the Hickmans and Halversons, and had a great time. I loved it, thanks Trev for such a memorable time!

Oh, and lastly, I just had to throw in this picture of Monkey C and Monkey D for ya.
They are goofy. So goofy.

Happy Summering!


Inspired - Part 2

A few weeks ago, I posted "Inspired".
What are the things in my life that give me encouragement, joy, peace and inspiration? A few weeks ago I shared some of these "constants" as I call them.
Are you ready for more? Here goes.

#4 - What calms me down and gives me peace? Simply...a cup of tea. When I am stressed, or tired, or a little on the "in-need-of-nurturing" side, I make myself a cup. Maybe it is because as I was growing up, my mom would make me tea whenever I was sick and feeling down. It was magic. It always made me feel better. My favorite tea? Stash decaf Vanilla Chai. Ahhhhh.
Heaven in a cup.

#5 - I am a shy person. A lot of people would disagree with that, but if you really know me, you know that this is true. I struggle to put myself out there, but enjoy it when I do. It is work for me. I can tell you without a doubt I would not be "out there" making friends and throwing parties if it wasn't for my best friend. This guy loves people. He is not afraid to go to anyone and start up a conversation. While passing the fishing hole once in my brother's neighborhood on the way to his house, we pulled over to the guy sitting on the grass with pole in hand. Window rolled down, my best friend said in his friendly, interested voice, "Caught any fish today?" This lead to a nice conversation with a sweet old man none of us knew. While chatting with him, my daughter asked from the back of the car..."Mommy? Why does daddy always talk to people he doesn't know?" Trevor has taught me that there is no reason not to say hi to people. Why not look someone in the eye and find out what their interests are, and even invite them over for dinner? There are lots of potential friends out there!
Not only does Trev encourage me to enjoy people, he inspires me to enjoy life. If you know my husband, have read his blog OR mine, you already know he likes to try a little bit of everything. We don't sit still for much, and whether he believes me or not...I do prefer it that way!

#6 - Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. I cannot lie to you. Flowers can bring me to tears. I can walk my garden every single day, looking over the growth or change. It gives me joy. Plain and simple, I am probably happiest around nature.
Though I do not grow hollyhocks, they hold a special place in my heart because they make me think of my childhood, always in my mom's and grandparent's gardens. My mom and hollyhock dolls. Now my girls know how to make them.
There is something about foxgloves that I adore. They are also my daughter's favorite, and she has loved them since she was 2, circling them in my garden catalogs.
Lavender is so hardy and fragrant, I can't help but be proud of it everytime I pass it by.
I dared to plant California poppies in my front rock garden last spring, knowing they spread like crazy. But I took a chance, and I can't regret the shocking bright bursts of orange and red that grow amidst the daylilies, wallflowers, bloodgrass, gaura, red carpet roses and more. I cannot tell you how many people stop their cars in front of our house to ask me what those beautiful flowers are and how they love to look at them.
There are SO many more I won't name, but if it blooms, I pretty much love it (with a few exceptions).
Ah, but roses. I think the roses are dearest to me. Who cannot love them. They do well here. I have a few separate rose gardens, and this year planted probably 10 new varieties to try out. Which ones bring the tears to my eyes? Ha. Well, I am loving these three...

1...VOLUPTUOUS: These beauties glow with bright color. The blooms are humongous, and they smell good. This is a new one to my garden and I am loving it.

2...DOUBLE DELIGHT: I have grown these for a while, and can't get enough of them. I added a few more to my new island. They are beautiful, the bush is nicely formed, and stays healthy, and the smell. Oh the smell. HEAVEN! You want to inhale these babies.

3...ANGEL FACE: I happened upon this one this year. I have always told myself I am not a purple rose person. This rose has changed me. Now I am an angel face purple rose person. :) The petals are ruffly and old fashioned looking and the color is beautiful. They smell so sweet. I was thrilled when showing it to my mom and she told me how she had planted an Angel Face once and loved it. Her father had told her to plant one because he loved them as well. Her father is my dear Grandpa "Hummingbird" whom I adore and miss like crazy. I have always wished I could show him my family and garden, but the sweet part is, I have been lucky enough to feel like he sees it all the time. Maybe he has seen my Angel Face and is smiling sweetly from above because I too, like to garden as he did.

Well, there you go. Sorry this post was so wordy, I guess it's hard for me not to gush about my husband and my roses.
Don't forget to stop and smell the you-know-whats!
Until next time...