Best day.

Do you remember this scene from
the Disney movie, Tangled?


Guess what?!
I got to have a day that made me feel like that!

We had a team practice out at my coach's house.
He has a beautiful yard on the river
with a grass court and a clay court.

Guess what we did?!
I know I'm making you guess a lot today, but...
Okay...here it is...
We stripped off our shoes and socks and...


I'm not kidding.
I felt like a giddy child.
I love ALL those things.
I couldn't stop smiling.

It was so fun.
We are barefoot on a tennis court next to the river.
Beautiful, don't you agree?
Fun too, right?

Here is a shot of the clay court.
The grass court is down the hill.
See the red skirt in the tiny picture?
That's me.
Smiling in the sunshine.
Grass between my toes.

This is only half our team, but only some of us could make it.
Coach grilled and we all brought sides to eat.
I'll just say it again.
So fun.

My girls are loving summer sun as well.
Loving the sprinkler under the tramp trick.

Jasper loved the sprinkler as well.
Oh you good sweet lovey dog, you.

Lots of giggling going on.

This is how we like to beat the heat around here.

And we like to end it with S'mores.
Or an ice cream sundae like Googs did.
She is not a S'more lover.
Trev and the girls decided to camp out
after the fire died down and their 
tummies were full of sweet stuff.

Told ya!



This girl.

This is the story of a girl.
This girl loves flowers.
Almost all kinds.
They truly make her heart smile.

This girl can't seem to stop gardening.
It is in her blood.
And so she starts new projects.
She decided to make a formal garden towards the back of her yard.
And now she has two gorgeous river birch trees in the center,
and two benches on either side with which to sit and enjoy them.
She is still trying to figure out what to plant in the remainder of that garden.
But she is excited to figure it out and make it beautiful!

This girl also loves to beautify her home.
She loves sunny warm colors.
Recently she had her walls painted, and oh how she loves them!!
From the entry way you can see her cheerful yellow.
She loves yellow.
It is like the sunshine!!

And in her bedroom she finally found the perfect color.
Even this girls hubby loves it.

But this girls favorite color is in her office/piano room.
She loves how it turned out and sometimes just
stands in the doorway looking at it.
And smiling.
It calms, and warms her soul.
She likes a warm soul.

She found this fun little picture at Target,
and knew it would be perfect on her desk.
And it is.

This girl knows that some might think this yellow
too bright.
But she loves how it glows, and pops against the white.

Her aprons are happy against this color as well.
Happy aprons.

This girl collects something else that makes her smile.
Aqua pottery.
Oh, this color gets her too.
She found some scrapbook paper that she really liked,
and lined the back wall of the cabinet with it.
She liked the way it turned out, and it wasn't hard or expensive.
Cheap and easy...this girl loves that.

She finds that it is getting harder to find Aqua pottery,
but at least she has some cherished pieces.
And she loves that it all started with the shell bowl given to her for her wedding,
by her sweet mother.

This girl is lucky.
She has some amazing friends.
She enjoys every second she gets to spend with them.
They gave her the best birthday gifts, all having to do with 
gardening, chocolate and birds.
She loves that they know her so well.

She loves her friends not pictured too, 
the ones who stopped by unexpectedly
to drop a gift by, and all those who
wished her well with cards or a Facebook shout out.
She is overjoyed by her friendships, and knows she is blessed.

This girl just turned 39.
She isn't sure what to think of that.
She knows she can't eat as many cupcakes as she would like.
And she hates that she has had to deal with adult acne!
But at last she found something that helped her,
and wants to share with anyone who might need it, that this stuff really works!
She is thankful for Clinique!
And her friendies.
And cupcakes. 

This girl loves to play tennis.
She is passionate about it.
She wants to improve all the time, so she takes lessons and is on a USTA team.
Her team worked so hard all year to prepare for competition.
They all played so well, and got 1st place!
Now they get to practice some more and head to Portland for Sectionals in August.
She thinks they have a chance, and she is so excited for the challenge!
She wants to play her best.
This team has some of the greatest people she knows on it.
Every single one of them is awesome.
And not just at tennis.

This girl loves to play doubles with all these girls.
And she loves going to lunch with them on Fridays.
And she loves to get their advice on everything from tennis to family.
She loves going shopping with them.
They make her laugh, and smile and feel good.
She adores these girls.

After the tournaments were over,
 this girl and her family got to take a mini vacation.
They went to Silverwood Theme park.
Her four kids and husband could not wait to get on the rides.
She was curious to know if she would still love the dangerous ones
like she did when she was a teen-ager.

This girls youngest daughter loves Garfield and Odie.
This Odie came bounding toward her with arms outstretched
and engulfed her with his big soft arms.
She giggled with pleasure.

This girl is married to a man who likes action.  And she has found
that her oldest children tend to follow in his footsteps.
After going on her first upside down, backwards spinning ride,
this girl discovered the truth.
She is not that teen-aged daredevil she once was.
And she has made peace with it.
But she laughed and was amazed as these 3 went on the craziest, scariest
rides out there.

The Tilt-A-Whirl.
Just enough action for this girl.  She rode it 3 times and found
that her youngest daughters enjoyed it just as much.
In fact her youngest wanted to go alone,
and rejoiced in calling herself brave.

This girl is also a Garfield fan and has been since
she first discovered him and perfected drawing him on her
Pee-Chees in grade school.
So this 39 year old girl was not embarrassed to want a picture with him.
She wonders, how can anyone not love Garfield?

After returning home from Silverwood,
this girl decided to eat lunch on her back porch.
The weather had been so cool, but it was finally a beautiful, warm sunny day.
As she finished her lunch, her breath caught as she saw the birds.
This girl loves quail.  They are her favorite.
She thinks maybe it is that connection to family that they share.
Quails mate for life.  They watch over and tend to their little families.
How many times has she stopped her car to let them pass?
And there they were.
A couple.
Washing in her birdbath.
Basically, it made her day.
She loves it when things like that make her day.

Remember that youngest daughter?
Well, this girl is discovering how sensitive and sweet this little one is.
She reminds her of herself.
This girl remembers as a younger girl crying when her sister or brother got in trouble.
This girl remembers crying when one of them got hurt.
This girl cannot read the news because the wickedness hurts her soul and she cries.
She doesn't like to cry.
She thinks it might be because it is against her very nature to be wicked.
She does not understand it in any way.
And she does not like it when people hurt.
For any reason.

This young daughter recently got out of bed,
 coming to this girl and her husband.
She could not go to sleep.
She was conflicted inside and it was causing her much pain.
This girl heard her sweet daughter tell the story through much sobbing
about how she had been playing with a roly poly earier that day.
She had dropped it.
And was sure she had killed it.
It didn't move.
She felt so bad and so guilty, because as she explained through her sobs,
she is an animal lover.  And she killed an animal.
As this girl listened and comforted, she thought.
here is one sensitive sweet girl.

Then again this youngest daughter approached her, a few days later.
She asked this girl why there was a pile of new kitchen supplies laying there on the floor.
This girl explained to her children that a family had lost everything they owned in
a fire that took their house.  And it also killed their 16 year old daughter.
We were going to help them.
The young daughter looked at this girl and was speechless.
She left the room.
10 minutes later, her daughter returned with red eyes and shaking sobs.
This girl took her into her arms and again comforted her.
She knew instantly that this daughter was thinking of her own 16 year old sister.
Without words, this girl knew her daughter's heart.
So tender.
So innocent.
So sweet.

The story of this girl goes on and on.
She wonders and looks forward to what each day brings.
Will it be joyful?
Filled with teaching moments?
Or carnival rides?

Whatever it brings, she counts herself lucky to be blessed by
flowers, happy colors, friends, cupcakes, tennis, family.

It's all good.