I blog. Sometimes.

Seriously, I do wonder how people have time to read a book.
To clean the house.

My life is a whirlwind.
A blowing, swirling, crazy dust devil!

And so I play catch up.
Here are just a few of the things we have been doing.

Same birthday, same bash!
That's homemade mud pie & homemade strawberry cake.
Did I just type cake?  mmmmmmm...

Surprise Sweet 16 for my girl!
Uncle Mike scared the heck out of her.  Hilarious.

The rest of them surprised her in a more gentle manner.
She was smiley!

Made her wear a Sweet 16 crown.

Collected some heartfelt thoughts from lots of family,
and made her a scrapbook.
My special gift for my special girl.

Page 1.
And don't get any ideas that I'm crafty.

Each page had a note from a family member
and some pictures to go with it.

It turned out pretty good for a non-scrapbooker.
All you real scrapbookers, don't make fun please.

Her favorite chocolate chip cake.
No frosting.
My kids dislike frosting.
I know... what?
I promise...I know how to make good frosting.

Cousins.  Ha.

Yeah, I know that was a while ago.
I told you...we are catching up!

What a clown.

Our first campout & ATVing of the year.
Little break by the lake.

Skoogs taking a rest.

My oldest 2.
Son on the left, daughter on the right.

My other kid.
My hubs.

Roughing it in the camper.
Mastermind rocks.

Jasper & I getting ready for bed.

I've also been busy with tennis lately.
Our USTA team tournaments are in full swing.
We made it through the first round, and the
second one is coming up shortly.
I'm happy to report my arm is working again.
Since it's been a very "tennisy" time...my sidebar is full of tennis stuff.
Hey, it's on my mind.

AND I have spent the last week in the garden.
Just about done with all the clean-up.
Got a very late start this year, but it's looking bright and cheerful!
Did you know I love flowers?
Sheesh, of course you did.

Check back, okay?
I promise I still blog.