I'm ready.

Almost done with all the laundry.

Almost done cleaning house for Grandma & Grandpa's stay.

My bag is almost packed.

Toenails painted.

Bought the waterproof mascara yesterday.

Heading to grocery store to stock up on food.

Lots more on my list, I have until Saturday.

And then we're off!

We will be gone for a blissful 10 days.

British Virgin Islands...

(BVI 2007)

See you when I get back!!!


For the love of the girls. And veggies. And son.

I love it when I get to Costco and load up on veggies.
I loved it even more when the lady in line made fun of me
for buying a truckload of healthy food, and then found the last item
in my pile was a big box of cookies.
To which I answered, "Hey, a girl's gotta live!"
Here's a sample of the beautiful veggies I began chopping at home.
And a girl needs dip, so I made my delicious homemade ranch dip.
Too good.
I snack on these all week.

I discovered this little trick to get my little girls to eat their salad.
The lettuce used to just sit on their plates, until I decided one
night to do it this way.
Wash the romaine leaves and drizzle the dressing (or dip)
down the middle.

Pick up the whole leaf, no fork needed.
Take a good look at it, cause you know it's gonna be good.

I told you it was good.
And the little girls will eat it this way.
They LOVE it.
(Me too).

I don't know. I like taking pictures of my house.
I just put the crow and pumpkins on the mantle for Halloween.
I LOVE Halloween.
Looks fallish?

Elece & I just played in the Breast Cancer Benefit.
"For the Love of the Girls".
Don't you love it?
Just getting some fuel before the match.
Two plates of brownies ought to do it.

Got your game face on?
Oh but we do INTIMIDATE.

So my son has hair that makes me crazy.
In his eyes.

He finally agreed to a haircut!
There is my handsome boy!
I KNEW he had beautiful eyes!
I just haven't seen them for a year or so.
Wink wink.

Happy Octobering!


Sister Writer

Check out my sister's day in the spotlight. She got to be a guest blogger!
Way to go sister writer!

ps - I feel like after reading her post I need to explain myself a little.
I KNOW that when I post on my blog I break writing rules.
One of the rules I think I break the most is starting my sentences
with the words "And" or "But".
But I do this on purpose.
I like the way it sounds. It sounds like me talking.
And I like that.