For the love of the girls. And veggies. And son.

I love it when I get to Costco and load up on veggies.
I loved it even more when the lady in line made fun of me
for buying a truckload of healthy food, and then found the last item
in my pile was a big box of cookies.
To which I answered, "Hey, a girl's gotta live!"
Here's a sample of the beautiful veggies I began chopping at home.
And a girl needs dip, so I made my delicious homemade ranch dip.
Too good.
I snack on these all week.

I discovered this little trick to get my little girls to eat their salad.
The lettuce used to just sit on their plates, until I decided one
night to do it this way.
Wash the romaine leaves and drizzle the dressing (or dip)
down the middle.

Pick up the whole leaf, no fork needed.
Take a good look at it, cause you know it's gonna be good.

I told you it was good.
And the little girls will eat it this way.
They LOVE it.
(Me too).

I don't know. I like taking pictures of my house.
I just put the crow and pumpkins on the mantle for Halloween.
I LOVE Halloween.
Looks fallish?

Elece & I just played in the Breast Cancer Benefit.
"For the Love of the Girls".
Don't you love it?
Just getting some fuel before the match.
Two plates of brownies ought to do it.

Got your game face on?
Oh but we do INTIMIDATE.

So my son has hair that makes me crazy.
In his eyes.

He finally agreed to a haircut!
There is my handsome boy!
I KNEW he had beautiful eyes!
I just haven't seen them for a year or so.
Wink wink.

Happy Octobering!


donna said...

All those veggies look so good! :)
I am going to try your trick. I have hard time getting my boys to eat salad.

Elece said...

Shelli- I had so much fun today! Thank you I needed it. I love all your veggies and salad trick. Mmmmm!!!! And your son does look so handsome. I hope to you soon!!!!

Trev said...

Wow he looks like me at his age in that pic! good job @ the match!

Krista said...

I like the chopped veggie trick. What a great snack for the week.
Hey, it's Tanner! Hi, Tanner!
Miss you guys! You make Halloween so fun!

Jen said...

Tanner is looking so grown up! I like the haircut. Love your ideas for the veggies!

jharmon said...

Shelli, you make me smile! Happy October!

Sants said...

Your boy looks great! As you know, my oldest went through the same stage! Now I cut his hair every two weeks. I miss Costco. Your pictures made me miss it more. Are you gonna post your Ranch dressing recipe, cause I know it's made with only good stuff and not all those chemicals.

Karen said...

Holy crap...when did Tanner get so freakin' big??(and so handsome) And you looked positively buffed in your tennis uniform. (Loved the pink for Breast cancer awareness) I'm totally going to start eating my veggies if it means I can look like you!
Love your guts!!

Tami said...

I love your lettuce idea. I will have to try that. At my house my kids will eat salad if there are olives in the salad. Whatever works, right? I love your halloween house, so pretty. You have buff arms!