still around

Yes, this blog has been ignored for a while. Just thought I'd fill you in on why. We are moving into our new home next weekend. This past month as been extremely chaotic. It seems we have had to run out to the house for this or that at least once a day. There have been meetings with these people and those people, and trips to Home Depot for this or that. Not to mention normal life and parental duties.
At the end of the day, Trev and I hit the pillows pretty hard. So, blogging has been put on a back burner. It will probably remain that way until we are more settled.

The bright side to all this is that the house has turned out so beautiful. A dream come true for Trev and I, and it's really exciting to see those initial drawings we made sit in reality right before our eyes. I'll post a picture as soon as I think to take my camera with me out to the house.

This week will be full of touch-ups and final fixings, and hopefully all will be good for us to go. I dislike packing and moving, but at least there is the excitment to push you through it!


Monkey A & Steve

My daughter is so sweet.
I have been very busy lately, so I am finally able to sit and write about last weekend.
Trev and I were out with a boatload (no really..a real boatload) of friends on the river early Saturday morning. The guys like to go when the water is like glass - great wakeboarding. The kids were with a sitter.
I answered the cell phone and it was Monkey A, though I could hardly recognize her voice. She was sobbing and I knew immediately that something "real" had happened.

Through her sobs, I heard her inform me that Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, died.
I tried to calm her and help her over the phone but my heart ached for her, and I was done having fun on the river because all I could think of was that I needed to be there to talk with her about it and comfort her. When I explained my reaction to the phone call to all in the boat, a conversation ensued over Steve Irwin and his dangerous life, and they thought it was cute that our daughter was upset. But they don't really know my daughter, and it was much more upsetting than cute.

Okay, now to clarify this drama. MA has loved animals since she could notice them. ALL animals, slimy and scary included. She has never been afraid of worms, snakes, big dogs...you name it. So, she discovered Animal Planet long ago and has been a DEVOTED fan of the channel, and especially any show with Steve Irwin. She would frequently visit the website, and she knows lots of trivia and facts about animals, and about Steve personally. For about a year she has been telling everyone she knows that her dream is to work at the Australian Zoo, and someday to meet Steve. All her family has responded the same way..."Can't you work at a zoo in the U.S.A?" I think it's easy to laugh off the dreams of an 11-year old, but I think because of Steve Irwin's enthusiasm and obvious love of animals, she saw a kindred spirit, and she adored him.

Since then we have talked about his death, his life, and she has started a letter to the family (her idea). She had a rough few days, but seems to understand that this is part of life. She is determined to honor him in her own way. She continues to watch his reruns on Animal Planet every day, and has watched her copy of his Crocodile Hunter movie a few times this week.

So I guess I write this in honor of my sweet daughter and Steve Irwin. I am sad he is gone, and sad for her loss. But I'm proud of her reaction, and her ability to see good, and make the best of what has been one of the first heartbreaks in her life.


Back to School

When it's "back to school" time, I'm usually ready. This year has been no exception. The kids' arguing seemed to be getting a little louder lately, the excitement of playing outside seemed to be fading, and I think we've all started to miss the bit of sanity a schedule can bring.
So school started this week and I'm wondering where that sanity is?
I kind of forgot that with the start of a new school year also comes the start of all their other activities. They have to be driven to and from school each morning until our home is finished. Then they have to be driven everywhere else after school for scouts, ballet, Activity Days, piano lessons and whatever else they haven't signed up for quite yet.
I was looking forward to the moment I was home in the house with just MD, and a lovely level of quiet, just to hear myself sigh with relief, "Ahhh."
I'm still looking forward to that moment. I'm laughing at myself, yet I'm still hoping that I'll have a moment to look around the peaceful, clean home I envision and say, "Hmmm, what should I do today?" Don't laugh... it could happen!
Here's a rundown of Wednesday.
Got up at 6:00am.
Drive 20 mins. to get MA to middle school by 7:50am.
After MA dropped off, we sit in car at elementary school until 8:30am when other 2 kids start class. (not enough time in there to run home in between school times, but there is this whole 40 minutes of waiting. Gotta figure that out.)
Get home around 9:00, finish getting myself ready, and MD and I fed and dressed when MA calls to tell me she forgot her shirt (after dressing down for P.E.). Make a new 20 min drive out to school, and 20 min. drive home. Trev calls to tell me they messed up some paint stuff at the house, and I need to go over and meet with people.
After meeting, I'm on my way home again with the goal to get some exercise done, and house picked up a bit. But, phone rings before I make it home, and Trev needs a lunch brought to him at the office. He forgot one, and doesn't have a minute to run anywhere. Okay. Go home, make lunch, feed MD lunch, and head out to his office. Just about to drop it off when phone rings again. It's my mom. "Are you missing somebody?" she asks me. What? "Are you missing someone?" No clue what she is talking about. Turns out Wednesday is the kids' one early release day of the week, and I wasn't there to get MA so she walked to Grandma's house (luckily just down the street) and was waiting there. AH! I forgot about that! Okay, so I will drop off the lunch for Trev, and go get MA. Then I do the calculations and realize that since the other kids have early release too, I will have to go directly from the office to their school and get them first.
Okay...skip to the long drive to both schools, long drive home. I pull up in the driveway now (It's 3:00pm), and then I look at the car console and realize I have papers there that I was supposed to drop off at the builder's office at 2:00. I drop kids off at house, to turn right around and drive to builder's office. As I'm pulling out of driveway, Rachel shouts out, "Oh Mom! You need to go to the school office and get the picture packet for tomorrow!" Wasn't I just AT the school? Why didn't you tell me while we were THERE MA?? On my way to the builder office, I call the school. Luckily they are closed for the day. Unfortunately the builder's office is closed also. I drive home with a headache.
I walk in, tell the kids I need a rest for just a few minutes...fall on my bed and sleep for 20 mins. Somehow I managed to make dinner and help with homework after that.
I am not lying when I tell you that Tuesday was almost identical and of course Thursday morning MA and I had to go even earlier to school in the morning to get her picture packet before school started.
I filled the suburban gas tank on Tuesday morning, and by Wednesday night it was half empty. Hey, same as my enthusiasm and energy level!