Daddy Daughter Dance.

Daddy Daughter Dance.

This weekend the girls got to go with their Dad
to a dance held at the highschool.
Masquerade theme, music, lights, treats, & dancing.
The girls were so excited all day, they couldn't wait!
Trev was looking forward to it too.
I got to hear all about it afterward, as they showed me their 
glow sticks, masks, and dance moves.
So fun, and probably something they will always remember!
You, Trev are a rad dad.
Aren't those girls lucky?


Jump start.

So I got a little jump on the holiday spirit this year.
I didn't want to miss it.
We put the lights on the house this weekend.
We are usually the very last ones in our neighborhood to get them up
BUT this year I told Trev. . . 
let's do it while it is still warm, and EVERYONE can help!
So, they are up!  
All the kids helped.
And he only complained a little.
Usually he complains a lot...he hates being cold up on an icy roof.
I mean . . . Santa does it every year.
I doubt HE complains.

AND so my blog reflects the Christmas Spirit
that is starting to fill my soul.
Early as it may be.
Now you can start checking back with a mug of hot cocoa in your hands.

Yes, I am still looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast.
But it's coming up pretty quick,
and with the lights up, I can enjoy doing other things.

Like... decorations and the tree!
It is definitely "the most wonderful time of the year"!


Pie People.

Some people are pie people.
You know who you are.

I've told you before, I am a CAKE person.
Cake.  The word itself makes my tummy rumble.

BUT, tis the season for pie, right?
For a self-proclaimed cake person, I admit I can make a mean pie.
Trevor and Monkey A love my apple.
Mom loves my lemon meringue.
The little girls want my crustless pumpkin.
My sister enjoys my apple custard.
My strawberry rhubarb custard rocks.
I myself thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate pecan I made last Thanksgiving.

You pie people are lucky,
this is your month!

Are you already licking your lips in anticipation?
It's just a few weeks away!
What kind are you going to dive into first?
What kind of pie makes YOUR tummy rumble?


Boo! Part 1.

Part 1.

It's that time of year again.
Time for the Annual Family Halloween Bash.
Cozy yourself up. . .
here we go!

Sent these babies in the mail. 
Thanks Martha.

Your hostess for the evening.
The lovely vampire...me.

The girls...and Ez.
Pirate, witch, Eskimo, sorceress, Spanish dancer, and airplane.

 Mikey showing Skoogs his handcuffs.

  This guy shows up on my wall every year.
We can't have a party without him.
Everyone loves him.

My oldest monkeys.
They are going to love me, but can't remember the names of their characters.

My bro Craig, his wife Carrie & their cuties.
Curious George, The Man in the Yellow hat, The mad scientist,
the sorceress & a storm trooper?  I know storm trooper is wrong. oops.

Trev's bro Jeff, his wife Kelli & their cuties.
Bumblebee, and a nervous naturalist.

My bro Mike, his wife Jenn, and their cuties.
A policeman, witch, 70's Private Eye, black cat, pirate girl, and M&M.

My parents.

Our bro in law, Josh.
Do I need to explain this?

Our sis in law Kelli & Trev's mom with baby Ashlyn.

Trev's Dad & sister Kiersten.
Gangster & Pippy Longstockings!

The host & hostess...us!

Skoogs made a pin the eye on the monster game.
Then she was in charge of it.
It was a hit!  Nice job girl!

Some of the yummy fun food.

And the winners are...
3rd place - me, the vampire!
2nd place - Carrie the mad scientist!
1st place - Mom & Dad A...they swept it again this year,
only this time with their fabulous Fandango costumes!

Don't forget to take one from the licorice rope curtain before you leave!

Party favors for the kiddos!

Thanks again all who came, 
and we missed those of you who couldn't make it this year!
I love Halloween.
Scroll down so you don't miss the post after this:
"Boo!  Part 2."

Boo! Part 2.

Part 2


 "Ahhh . . . you didn't tell me you were gonna kill it!"   - Linus

 Making a masterpiece.

 She got a little out of control this year...

 Trev's work.


 Chatting on the porch.

 Arriving for an enjoyable Halloween evening with friends.

Halloween dinner at Jared & Wendi's.
Wicked good.

On to trick-or-treating... ha ha!

 The boys ready to scare innocent trick-or-treaters.

 The loot!

 Ah, the sorting and trading of the candy.  A tradition.

When we returned home, we found that we had been. . . 

Hope your Halloween was spooky good too!