Boo! Part 1.

Part 1.

It's that time of year again.
Time for the Annual Family Halloween Bash.
Cozy yourself up. . .
here we go!

Sent these babies in the mail. 
Thanks Martha.

Your hostess for the evening.
The lovely vampire...me.

The girls...and Ez.
Pirate, witch, Eskimo, sorceress, Spanish dancer, and airplane.

 Mikey showing Skoogs his handcuffs.

  This guy shows up on my wall every year.
We can't have a party without him.
Everyone loves him.

My oldest monkeys.
They are going to love me, but can't remember the names of their characters.

My bro Craig, his wife Carrie & their cuties.
Curious George, The Man in the Yellow hat, The mad scientist,
the sorceress & a storm trooper?  I know storm trooper is wrong. oops.

Trev's bro Jeff, his wife Kelli & their cuties.
Bumblebee, and a nervous naturalist.

My bro Mike, his wife Jenn, and their cuties.
A policeman, witch, 70's Private Eye, black cat, pirate girl, and M&M.

My parents.

Our bro in law, Josh.
Do I need to explain this?

Our sis in law Kelli & Trev's mom with baby Ashlyn.

Trev's Dad & sister Kiersten.
Gangster & Pippy Longstockings!

The host & hostess...us!

Skoogs made a pin the eye on the monster game.
Then she was in charge of it.
It was a hit!  Nice job girl!

Some of the yummy fun food.

And the winners are...
3rd place - me, the vampire!
2nd place - Carrie the mad scientist!
1st place - Mom & Dad A...they swept it again this year,
only this time with their fabulous Fandango costumes!

Don't forget to take one from the licorice rope curtain before you leave!

Party favors for the kiddos!

Thanks again all who came, 
and we missed those of you who couldn't make it this year!
I love Halloween.
Scroll down so you don't miss the post after this:
"Boo!  Part 2."


Malerie said...

Wow. I'm impressed with your party and how festive everyone is! Everything looks awesome. Uncle Mike and Aunt Deb look so great! What fun :)

Krista said...

Ohhhhhhhh, I MISS EVERYONE! I'm sure it was lots of fun! I can't wait until you come!!!!!

Toni C. said...

It is my goal in life to some day make it on the invitation list for the Larsen Halloween party! Then I would know I have really made it in life ;) Fun times as always!

deannegalloway said...

oh i love the costumes and it looks like so much fun....sad we missed it!...next year!

Gramma Spice said...

Thanks SO much, Shell and Trev, for all the work you put into making this event so much fun. Great memories! Dad was just glad he didn't have to wear tights this time...still has nightmares about his tooth fairy costume. :)