Jump start.

So I got a little jump on the holiday spirit this year.
I didn't want to miss it.
We put the lights on the house this weekend.
We are usually the very last ones in our neighborhood to get them up
BUT this year I told Trev. . . 
let's do it while it is still warm, and EVERYONE can help!
So, they are up!  
All the kids helped.
And he only complained a little.
Usually he complains a lot...he hates being cold up on an icy roof.
I mean . . . Santa does it every year.
I doubt HE complains.

AND so my blog reflects the Christmas Spirit
that is starting to fill my soul.
Early as it may be.
Now you can start checking back with a mug of hot cocoa in your hands.

Yes, I am still looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast.
But it's coming up pretty quick,
and with the lights up, I can enjoy doing other things.

Like... decorations and the tree!
It is definitely "the most wonderful time of the year"!


Gramma Spice said...

Love your writing..you are a very talented writer, sweetie...thanks for that yummy dinner last night...what a gem that hubby of yours is...he's cute AND he can cook! Great grilled chicken and that potato soup..wow, so good! Loved seeing and hugging the kids. Dad said as we left.."such a sweet family". YUP.

Toni C. said...

did all the lights blow off in the wind the other day?

Shelli said...

Ha, a few of them need fixing for sure. Ugh.

Aunt Pat said...

Yeah for early! Post a picture of the house at night. It will be fun to see.
Happy Thanksgiving - sorry you couldn't make your trip.