mermaid and flying crazy man!

Rare footage of a mermaid with a snorkel, and a flying crazy man. Taken in the British Virgin islands.

These pics all taken at "the baths" on Virgin Gorda island. One of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. I loved this pic of Shelli, so I had to hijack her blog and post it here.


Rock-A-Bye Shelli!

Trev and I just returned home late last night from a very exciting trip. We were in the British Virgin Islands for 10 days. We rented a catamaran with 4 berths, and went with 3 other couples, friends of ours. We sailed the Caribbean and island hopped. It was such an adventure. We took lots of pictures, and once we find our luggage, we will be able to retrieve and post them for you to see.
I didn't need to take motion sickness medicine the whole time, and really got used to the waves and the rocking of the boat. But, I am STILL rocking! I was walking around like a zombie this morning trying to help get the kids ready for school, and steadying myself the whole time. As I sit here, the screen is swaying up and down, and it is a very strange feeling.
Glad to be back though. And even though we just enjoyed 85-87 degree temps and warm, warm water, it is so nice to look out at the snow and enjoy the Christmas tree and spirit that is here in our cozy home. Will post more about our trip later, so stay tuned!