Mr. Tennishead

Let me introduce you to this handsome little fellow.
He has a tiny little racket and a big yellow tennis ball bobblehead.

This is the first trophy I have won since the 3rd grade. In the 3rd grade I won the "Hoop Shoot" for making the most baskets in a certain amount of time. I'm embarrassed to tell you that I granny shot each time, and somehow still won. I'm sure the coaches were so impressed... I still have that trophy in a box somewhere though, I was so proud of it.

Mr. Tennishead sits on my home office desk and smiles at me (okay, he doesn't have a face, but I know he is smiling) while I work. He makes me happy every time I look at him.

The last few weeks my game has been off, and I have wanted to throw my racket in the garbage. Cheer me up Mr. Tennishead, you are a reminder that I can do better!


Breaking Rules

It's 10:00 am.
I am not where I should be.
I should be at tennis practice.
But here I am sitting in a nice, cozy chair STILL in my P.J's (no, not my Snoopy's).
I have the laptop on my lap...hence the name, right?
Next to me is a pile of tiny, shiny gold wrappers. Wait, let me count them...13! Wow!

I got the kids off to school, cleaned up the kitchen, made my bed, and came in here to catch up on some emails. Checked facebook, then a couple of blogs.
But then I kept going, and I checked up on all the blogs I like to look at (there are more than a few). I have been on this computer for over an hour, and during that time, I took out the bag of Werther's Original's Golden Candy Collection.

Have you tried these? They sell them in a bag at Costco, which you know means it is not a small bag. There are 3 different kinds of caramels. I am not a huge caramel fan, I mean I didn't think I was, but I popped one of their new creamy caramel filled ones in my mouth, and I guess I just kept mindlessly popping them in there, because as I said before, there are 13 wrappers sitting next to me. THIRTEEN!! Bring on the tummyache!

Actually, it's been a very enjoyable morning! I love breaking the rules sometimes, even if that means just skipping a practice and stuffing my face with candy. I loved reading about all my friends and family and the things going on in their lives. I loved just SITTING for a while and not worrying about all the other things I am supposed to be doing.
And yes, there are a lot of things I should be doing. I will get to them, always do.
Thanks friends and families for your comments, and your blogs and sharing your lives, you make me laugh & cry and enjoy life a little more.
Glad I broke the rules a little bit today.
Except maybe the candy part...that might catch up with me.


Our Holiday Recap

I'm starting to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, so here is a recap with some pictures to share.

Let's start with all the snow we got before Christmas this year!!! WOW, it was AWESOME! We had a great time sledding down "Hickman Hill", and brought the 4-wheeler to pull everyone back up. We are spoiled brats. But what fun!!! Here's me pulling Monkey C & a friend.Ah, the annual Christmas Eve new pajama tradition. I know many of you do it too. This year, we ALL got jammies, not just the kids. Yes, I do love Snoopy, and the kids thought it was funny that there was a package under the tree "To: Mommy...From: Mommy". But, I was about due for a new pair too!Christmas Eve and all through vacation we love to play games. My mom and dad came over and we played a few.
Here we skip to AFTER Christmas morning gift opening. I didn't post Christmas morning because there were just too many and they were pretty random. But I thought this cute photo was worth sharing. Here is MC reading "Pinkalicious" to MD. CUTE book, even if your little girl is not a pink freak. (mine all tend to be tomboys for some reason...)My sister Kris and her husband Brandon and their 4 kids came a few days later from Cody, WY!! This was the holiday highlight! We had so much fun with them.

My mom likes to host a White Elephant party every year, so she waited this year until Kris & family were here and we had a FABULOUS dinner of chicken enchiladas, & tamales. Oh, it was so yummy, believe me, you WISH you had been invited. Really, you do. Here's us enjoying the food, and here's me sporting my white elephant gifts. Yay, used wrapping paper - I'll take it!We played a lot of basketball hoops. I was the champion for a whole day, and then the rest of the time, everyone kicked my caboose. That's okay, it was fun, even if Trevor DOES use a little too much elbow, and Brandon used his right hand when he said he would use his left. :) Here's me and Brandon with a little friendly competition, followed by Monkey A & Chelsea.
New Year's Eve! We had so much fun at my brother Mike's house. More good food, lots of games, and at midnight we watched the ball drop. This picture is of us all shouting out the countdown. Welcome 2009!!! (Have you ever noticed my love for exclamation points?!!)
We got in as much gaming as we could before Jensens left. We had a blast on the Wii playing bowling, tennis, & boxing. Okay, here are a few boxing pictures. It's hilarious how everyone has a different style. MB looks like he is running, not punching. Kristi has a definite rhythm with jabs and blocks. I am more of a Kung-Fu artist. Hmmmm. We were sweating and laughing and punching so hard, Kris & I had to go change into short sleeves and get drinks to cool us down. Here is MA & Braeden. Then Kris & Brandon, followed by the Kung-Fu artist and her sister.Here's Trev & Kris and pinball. He REALLY likes this game.
Mom & Dad came over before Jensens had to go. We took a few shots, and here is one of us girls. I sure love spending time with my sister & my mom. Two of my most favorite people in the world.
Thanks for tagging along.
I hope you all had super wonderful holidays too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!



Happy New Year everyone!!

Good luck with all those resolutions!