Our Holiday Recap

I'm starting to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, so here is a recap with some pictures to share.

Let's start with all the snow we got before Christmas this year!!! WOW, it was AWESOME! We had a great time sledding down "Hickman Hill", and brought the 4-wheeler to pull everyone back up. We are spoiled brats. But what fun!!! Here's me pulling Monkey C & a friend.Ah, the annual Christmas Eve new pajama tradition. I know many of you do it too. This year, we ALL got jammies, not just the kids. Yes, I do love Snoopy, and the kids thought it was funny that there was a package under the tree "To: Mommy...From: Mommy". But, I was about due for a new pair too!Christmas Eve and all through vacation we love to play games. My mom and dad came over and we played a few.
Here we skip to AFTER Christmas morning gift opening. I didn't post Christmas morning because there were just too many and they were pretty random. But I thought this cute photo was worth sharing. Here is MC reading "Pinkalicious" to MD. CUTE book, even if your little girl is not a pink freak. (mine all tend to be tomboys for some reason...)My sister Kris and her husband Brandon and their 4 kids came a few days later from Cody, WY!! This was the holiday highlight! We had so much fun with them.

My mom likes to host a White Elephant party every year, so she waited this year until Kris & family were here and we had a FABULOUS dinner of chicken enchiladas, & tamales. Oh, it was so yummy, believe me, you WISH you had been invited. Really, you do. Here's us enjoying the food, and here's me sporting my white elephant gifts. Yay, used wrapping paper - I'll take it!We played a lot of basketball hoops. I was the champion for a whole day, and then the rest of the time, everyone kicked my caboose. That's okay, it was fun, even if Trevor DOES use a little too much elbow, and Brandon used his right hand when he said he would use his left. :) Here's me and Brandon with a little friendly competition, followed by Monkey A & Chelsea.
New Year's Eve! We had so much fun at my brother Mike's house. More good food, lots of games, and at midnight we watched the ball drop. This picture is of us all shouting out the countdown. Welcome 2009!!! (Have you ever noticed my love for exclamation points?!!)
We got in as much gaming as we could before Jensens left. We had a blast on the Wii playing bowling, tennis, & boxing. Okay, here are a few boxing pictures. It's hilarious how everyone has a different style. MB looks like he is running, not punching. Kristi has a definite rhythm with jabs and blocks. I am more of a Kung-Fu artist. Hmmmm. We were sweating and laughing and punching so hard, Kris & I had to go change into short sleeves and get drinks to cool us down. Here is MA & Braeden. Then Kris & Brandon, followed by the Kung-Fu artist and her sister.Here's Trev & Kris and pinball. He REALLY likes this game.
Mom & Dad came over before Jensens had to go. We took a few shots, and here is one of us girls. I sure love spending time with my sister & my mom. Two of my most favorite people in the world.
Thanks for tagging along.
I hope you all had super wonderful holidays too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!


Jessica said...

Love the recap! Looks like so much fun. I love to see those cousins together. Can't believe how our families have grown and how fast.
Spending a week out of the summer at your house watching Star Wars, swimming all day, and looking up dreamily at your Duran Duran posters seems like it was yesterday. Love you guys!

Malerie said...

Your holidays sound just about like mine! We love games and the Wii. I love the PJ tradition. I might just have to start that. Oh and by the way. You look way too young to have 4 grown up beautiful kids. Happy New Year!

Halverson Family said...

I'm glad you had such a great holiday with all your family. Looks like you had a lot of fun. (I'm diggin' the Snoopy jammies!)

Sants said...

What great pictures! You look fabulous in red. Okay, you always look fabulous, but you look extra sassy in red.

Love the Christmas Jammies tradition. It's a great way to make something you need anyway more special.

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

donna said...

wow looks like you had one great Christmas.
We also really enjoy the wii in our home as well. I just got done bowling with Ian, who is home sick.
Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us.

Gramma Spice said...

Shelli, thanks for helping to make our holidays so wonderful. I just talked to Kris, and she said they all had such a great time here. Love you SO much, sweetie! Dad and I are so blessed to have you and Trev and Mike and Jenn close by. Wasn't it fun to see the smiles plastered on all the cousins faces as they played together or raced through their activities? It was like they knew their time with the Cody cousins was limited. Such love! We couldn't get too much of their spontaneous hugs and kisses.

jharmon said...

It looks like you had a great holiday! It is fun to take a break from real life and play with family for a few days! By the way, you look amazing!
love ya,

Leslie said...

Your pictures are very cute. If I didn't know you were the mom and I saw your family picture, I totally would think your the big sister!

Krista said...

I am smiling so big! We had a great time. Thanks so much for all your hard work and hostessing! We love our visits to the Larson's/Anglesey's!!!!!! (exclamation points)

Mara said...

Looks like so much fun, Shelli! I'm glad you guys had a great time with family--that's the best. Sometime it would be fun to catch up with the Jensens, too. I'm glad they could come spend the holidays with you!