Breaking Rules

It's 10:00 am.
I am not where I should be.
I should be at tennis practice.
But here I am sitting in a nice, cozy chair STILL in my P.J's (no, not my Snoopy's).
I have the laptop on my lap...hence the name, right?
Next to me is a pile of tiny, shiny gold wrappers. Wait, let me count them...13! Wow!

I got the kids off to school, cleaned up the kitchen, made my bed, and came in here to catch up on some emails. Checked facebook, then a couple of blogs.
But then I kept going, and I checked up on all the blogs I like to look at (there are more than a few). I have been on this computer for over an hour, and during that time, I took out the bag of Werther's Original's Golden Candy Collection.

Have you tried these? They sell them in a bag at Costco, which you know means it is not a small bag. There are 3 different kinds of caramels. I am not a huge caramel fan, I mean I didn't think I was, but I popped one of their new creamy caramel filled ones in my mouth, and I guess I just kept mindlessly popping them in there, because as I said before, there are 13 wrappers sitting next to me. THIRTEEN!! Bring on the tummyache!

Actually, it's been a very enjoyable morning! I love breaking the rules sometimes, even if that means just skipping a practice and stuffing my face with candy. I loved reading about all my friends and family and the things going on in their lives. I loved just SITTING for a while and not worrying about all the other things I am supposed to be doing.
And yes, there are a lot of things I should be doing. I will get to them, always do.
Thanks friends and families for your comments, and your blogs and sharing your lives, you make me laugh & cry and enjoy life a little more.
Glad I broke the rules a little bit today.
Except maybe the candy part...that might catch up with me.


donna said...

Sounds like you had one great morning. Yes i agree sometime it is nice to break the rules.

Oh and the Werther's candys are yummy. I may have to bring some over to Jen and Christoper tonight.

jharmon said...

I love this blog! I have found myself doing the same thing! It is nice to slow down and relax sometimes. I love that we can keep track of each other with our blogs!
love Ya!

Elece said...

You are so craaaaazy!!!!!!

Halverson Family said...

Sounds like my kind of morning! I'm proud of you for stopping at 13carmels, though! I'm not sure I could have. Yummy!

Leslie said...

13 little carmels...that's nothing. Try eating 3 large Cinnabons in one sitting! Now that's a tummy ache.

Team Pettijohn said...

Shelli....that sounds like a great morning. I'm sitting here on our laptop, reading your blog, wondering if they sell those chocolates at the Costco here in Seoul. Thanks for all your updates, they always make for a great read, and I love keeping up on your life!!!!

Smith Family said...

You are too sweet. Sounds like a perfect morning to me! I love all of it.. the PJ's, carmels and reading about friends.

Steph said...

I need to have a morning like yours. I think I would add one of those creme filled chocolate covered donuts from Winco (theirs are the best).

...................................Kim.......................................... said...

Thanks for talking me today. It was so fun to get some ideas and find out how much you loved your that plan.

I love the pictures of you and Trevor. You look so in LOVE.

Leslie said...

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken and carmels are always meant to be eaten!

Gramma Spice said...

I'm so proud of you, Shell! You work so hard with a zillion responsibilities. Good to hear that you totally relaxed and let things go for awhile. Work will always be there waiting, so let it now and then.

Amanda said...

Shelli, I've enjoyed your blog the few times I get on the computer! You are a great writer, and should consider it as a career (if we ever had time for such a thing)! I've just started doing a blog as well, great-white-north-eh.blogspot.com. Hope your family continues such great success!
You guys are great examples to everyone.