mermaid and flying crazy man!

Rare footage of a mermaid with a snorkel, and a flying crazy man. Taken in the British Virgin islands.

These pics all taken at "the baths" on Virgin Gorda island. One of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. I loved this pic of Shelli, so I had to hijack her blog and post it here.


Rock-A-Bye Shelli!

Trev and I just returned home late last night from a very exciting trip. We were in the British Virgin Islands for 10 days. We rented a catamaran with 4 berths, and went with 3 other couples, friends of ours. We sailed the Caribbean and island hopped. It was such an adventure. We took lots of pictures, and once we find our luggage, we will be able to retrieve and post them for you to see.
I didn't need to take motion sickness medicine the whole time, and really got used to the waves and the rocking of the boat. But, I am STILL rocking! I was walking around like a zombie this morning trying to help get the kids ready for school, and steadying myself the whole time. As I sit here, the screen is swaying up and down, and it is a very strange feeling.
Glad to be back though. And even though we just enjoyed 85-87 degree temps and warm, warm water, it is so nice to look out at the snow and enjoy the Christmas tree and spirit that is here in our cozy home. Will post more about our trip later, so stay tuned!


Fall Follies

We've had a fun and busy fall so far. We enjoyed a trip to Seattle to visit my Aunts, Uncle and Grandma. The colors were beautiful and so was the weather. We also hosted our annual Halloween bash and had a fantastic time. There were quite a few people this year and we really enjoyed everyones costumes and company.


Celebrity look-alike?

No, I'm not a huge celebrity fan, I only recognized half the faces it gave me, but I thought this was kind of fun. I am especially thrilled to be matched with Dakota Fanning!!


My flowers

I took a few pictures from my garden the other day, so I could photograph them before the frost hits and they die.
I love the dahlias I grew this year, especially the white ones. The pink and white flowers are the dahlias. The other pictures are of some of my rock gardens.
The last picture I threw in there because I thought it was a good example of Autumn showing up at our house; MD with a Halloween pirate hat on watching "Charlie Brown - The Great Pumpkin".


Autumn Glory

Fall is in the air!

I love this time of year. How many times have I said that?
This spring we planted 3 October Glory maples and 3 Autumn Blaze Maples in our yard. They are young trees, so the leaves are a bit small, but I'm so excited to see the color!
The burning bushes are teasing me with a red leaf here and there.
My red dahlias have been blooming for months, but just yesterday the first white one appeared!
Gracie and I brought home some orange, red and yellow mums from the store yesterday, and last week we got to go to Grandma and Grandpa Anglesey's house and pick a large orange pumpkin and several small peek-a-boo white ones from their pumpkin patch.
The kids are already planning their Halloween costumes: The younger two will be a ladybug and a butterfly, the older ones some ninjas from some obscure cartoon.
The days are getting shorter, and the nights chillier.
With great anticipation, I await the upcoming holidays, wearing sweaters, sipping cocoa, taking walks and fireside sitting.
This is my favorite time of year.

Did I already say that?


Happy Store Day!

Yesterday morning there was a lot of excitement as we all got ready for the first day of school. The kids dressed in their favorite new clothes, all of them up early and moving quickly. Backpacks were filled to the brim with all those new supplies. We packed new lunchboxes, and chit-chatted about what the day might hold.
All throughout this hustle and bustle, Monkey D kept saying, "I go to school too". To which I would repeatedly reply, "No, you are too little still to go to school." When the kids dressed, she quickly got her clothes out, "I go to school too". "Not today, MD...when you are a little older". As we ate breakfast and packed lunches, she said it again. This time I replied, "No school for MD, but MD and mommy will go to the store today, okay?" She kind of frowned, but didn't say much.
As the time came for the kids to walk out to the bus stop (MA had already left earlier) I told them all to grab their backpacks and I would take a picture. MD shouted, "Wait! I get my backpack too!" She ran and got her Hello Kitty pack, and put it on and posed in middle of the kids. "Say cheese!" I shouted. MC said, "No, let's say...'Happy back to school day!'", So the kids shouted that. But MD said, "Happy back to schoo...um..Happy go to the store with mom day!"
In the picture you see above, we are all grinning because of her.
Oh, and the kids all had a wonderful first day of school.


Move over Simpsons!

Here are the Larsons - SIMPSONIZED!
Shelli, Trev, Monkeys A, B, C, & D.

You submit an actual picture of yourself, and ta-da- you become a sketch!
Want to Simpsonize yourself?
Click HERE!

(Thanks for the link Brady!)


Sand, Sun & Surf

We are back from the beach!
My sister Kristi and her family joined us for some beautiful sun-kissed days at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. We were later joined by my brother Mike and his family, and we all enjoyed the sand, sun and surf together. The vacation was filled with beach-combing, Frisbee, Aerobie, Foxtail, horseshoes, sand-castle building, surf jumping, kayaking, kite-flying, rock climbing the jetty, exploring the washed-up boat on shore, downing Tillamook ice cream at the factory, delicious home-cooked meals at the beach house, lots of Rice Crispy treats, games, ping-pong, & napping. It was thoroughly relaxing. We all enjoyed being together and the great weather and location. I'm not the only one who sometimes wishes I was still there. Two weeks later, MD is still asking me EVERY day..."We're going to the beach house today?"
Sadly, not today, but thank goodness for great photos and happy memories!


Summer So Far

We have been so busy this summer, I haven't
posted much lately. So, here is a little taste
(with pictures) of the things we have been up to.

Monkey A turned 12. What happened to my little girl?

Monkey C had her ballet recital, and of course we think she danced beautifully. She will start her 4th year this fall.

Uncle Jeff got married, and now we have a new Aunt Kelli. Jeff is Trevor's little bro. It was a beautiful day.

We have gone on two different camping trips. Both times we brought the ATV's and had a great time riding trails and getting dirty.

So far summer has been a blast. This week brings us 4th of July, a family reunion and then we are off to the Oregon Coast!!


Here's to life

Love this photograph by Katie McDonnell!
There is something about it that sums up a mood I am in every now and then.


weekend getaway

Just posting a few of my favorite pictures taken from this weekend. Trev planned a trip to Portland, Oregon for my birthday.
We visited the zoo and some other beautiful sites around the area.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend Trev and kids!!
Love you!!


Daddy's Girl

Our youngest child at 3 years old is many things. Fiesty, head-strong, smart, sweet, funny, loud, head-strong, persistent, loving, fun, head-strong...the list goes on and on.
I have been feeling a little frustrated with the...hmm, how do I say it....Oh! I know...head-strongness. Doesn't want to take her allergy medicine? Okay, spill it on mom and scream at the top of her lungs. Doesn't want the nurse to check her heartbeat? Okay, kick her in the stomach. Doesn't want to go to Primary at church? Okay, scream and push her way out of the room.
Now, I have made her sound like a horrible child. She isn't a horrible child. She is a lot of fun, and we enjoy her very much. But she knows what she doesn't want, and when that is the case, EVERYONE knows what she doesn't want.
I have needed a break, because it seems that I am the only one she wants. Only I can put her shoes on. Only I can take her to the potty. Only I can get her out of her carseat and only I can scoop her ice cream. After a while it takes it's toll.
Here is where daddy comes in. Trev had the day off last Thursday, and needed to drive to Portland and back. I reminded him that I had my tennis lesson that morning and was depending on him to watch her.
He told me that was no problem, he would take her with him and they would have a daddy/daughter day and I could get a break.
Well, to make a long story shorter, I had a wonderful day and got a lot done. The greatest part, is that Trev and Monkey D also had a wonderful day. She was great for him, and they enjoyed the trip. The stopped at a waterfall, went out for lunch and enjoyed being together.
Basically they bonded, and now guess who she wants to scoop out her ice cream?
Yesterday after Trevor went to work, she kept going on and on about wanting Daddy and wanting to go in his truck with him (like their trip). I said he was at work. She got a wobbly chin, put her head down and slowly walked into the other room. I could hear her pitifully mumbling something, so I peeked in at her. She had curled up with a blanket on the floor and was saying over and over in a muffled, sad tone, "Oh my Daddy. Oh Daddy, my best friend. Oh my boy, my daddy. My best friend."

I love it. One day, one waterfall, one truck ride, and she's daddy's girl.


Fallon fan

This Star Wars spoof with Jimmy Fallon had me laughing pretty hard.
Hope you enjoy it!

Click Here to watch