Daddy's Girl

Our youngest child at 3 years old is many things. Fiesty, head-strong, smart, sweet, funny, loud, head-strong, persistent, loving, fun, head-strong...the list goes on and on.
I have been feeling a little frustrated with the...hmm, how do I say it....Oh! I know...head-strongness. Doesn't want to take her allergy medicine? Okay, spill it on mom and scream at the top of her lungs. Doesn't want the nurse to check her heartbeat? Okay, kick her in the stomach. Doesn't want to go to Primary at church? Okay, scream and push her way out of the room.
Now, I have made her sound like a horrible child. She isn't a horrible child. She is a lot of fun, and we enjoy her very much. But she knows what she doesn't want, and when that is the case, EVERYONE knows what she doesn't want.
I have needed a break, because it seems that I am the only one she wants. Only I can put her shoes on. Only I can take her to the potty. Only I can get her out of her carseat and only I can scoop her ice cream. After a while it takes it's toll.
Here is where daddy comes in. Trev had the day off last Thursday, and needed to drive to Portland and back. I reminded him that I had my tennis lesson that morning and was depending on him to watch her.
He told me that was no problem, he would take her with him and they would have a daddy/daughter day and I could get a break.
Well, to make a long story shorter, I had a wonderful day and got a lot done. The greatest part, is that Trev and Monkey D also had a wonderful day. She was great for him, and they enjoyed the trip. The stopped at a waterfall, went out for lunch and enjoyed being together.
Basically they bonded, and now guess who she wants to scoop out her ice cream?
Yesterday after Trevor went to work, she kept going on and on about wanting Daddy and wanting to go in his truck with him (like their trip). I said he was at work. She got a wobbly chin, put her head down and slowly walked into the other room. I could hear her pitifully mumbling something, so I peeked in at her. She had curled up with a blanket on the floor and was saying over and over in a muffled, sad tone, "Oh my Daddy. Oh Daddy, my best friend. Oh my boy, my daddy. My best friend."

I love it. One day, one waterfall, one truck ride, and she's daddy's girl.


Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
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Aunt Pat said...

What a dear little story - Can't wait to see all of you at Jeff's reception in July!
Aunt Pat

Aunt Pat said...

What a dear little story - can't wait to see all of you at Jeff's reception!
Aunt Pat

Krista said...

Shell, that was wonderful... for you and Gracie and Trevor! Very funny and touching...I can picture Gracie so well! Can't wait to see you guys!