Happy Store Day!

Yesterday morning there was a lot of excitement as we all got ready for the first day of school. The kids dressed in their favorite new clothes, all of them up early and moving quickly. Backpacks were filled to the brim with all those new supplies. We packed new lunchboxes, and chit-chatted about what the day might hold.
All throughout this hustle and bustle, Monkey D kept saying, "I go to school too". To which I would repeatedly reply, "No, you are too little still to go to school." When the kids dressed, she quickly got her clothes out, "I go to school too". "Not today, MD...when you are a little older". As we ate breakfast and packed lunches, she said it again. This time I replied, "No school for MD, but MD and mommy will go to the store today, okay?" She kind of frowned, but didn't say much.
As the time came for the kids to walk out to the bus stop (MA had already left earlier) I told them all to grab their backpacks and I would take a picture. MD shouted, "Wait! I get my backpack too!" She ran and got her Hello Kitty pack, and put it on and posed in middle of the kids. "Say cheese!" I shouted. MC said, "No, let's say...'Happy back to school day!'", So the kids shouted that. But MD said, "Happy back to schoo...um..Happy go to the store with mom day!"
In the picture you see above, we are all grinning because of her.
Oh, and the kids all had a wonderful first day of school.