Sand, Sun & Surf

We are back from the beach!
My sister Kristi and her family joined us for some beautiful sun-kissed days at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast. We were later joined by my brother Mike and his family, and we all enjoyed the sand, sun and surf together. The vacation was filled with beach-combing, Frisbee, Aerobie, Foxtail, horseshoes, sand-castle building, surf jumping, kayaking, kite-flying, rock climbing the jetty, exploring the washed-up boat on shore, downing Tillamook ice cream at the factory, delicious home-cooked meals at the beach house, lots of Rice Crispy treats, games, ping-pong, & napping. It was thoroughly relaxing. We all enjoyed being together and the great weather and location. I'm not the only one who sometimes wishes I was still there. Two weeks later, MD is still asking me EVERY day..."We're going to the beach house today?"
Sadly, not today, but thank goodness for great photos and happy memories!

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