My flowers

I took a few pictures from my garden the other day, so I could photograph them before the frost hits and they die.
I love the dahlias I grew this year, especially the white ones. The pink and white flowers are the dahlias. The other pictures are of some of my rock gardens.
The last picture I threw in there because I thought it was a good example of Autumn showing up at our house; MD with a Halloween pirate hat on watching "Charlie Brown - The Great Pumpkin".


Krista said...

Beautiful! Did you put plastic down under your rock mulch, or did you just lay rock right over the dirt? We are trying to decide what to do for our beds. Just lovely!

Shelli said...

In the huge front bed, we just put rock down over dirt. I pick out only a few weeds here and there. We have plastic down under a few of the others. It is nice to not have the plastic so it is easier to plant wherever you want.

Toni Cavallini said...

I LOVE Dehlias (i know that is spelled wrong..) There's a yard near me that grows them and I love to walk by - beautiful yard Shell!

trev said...

pretty flowers, nice decorating. You make this house such a home!


Aunt Pat said...

I love those flowers!