GREEN is my favorite color right now.

Oh goodness! Look at my poppy! It is STUNNING!
And I LOVE the ANTICIPATION - look at all the buds getting ready to burst.
Makes my heart go pitter-pat.
I spotted the huge pink blossom from my kitchen window and RAN to it!!!!

SO, naturally it is time to ready the back porch.
I perch here...watching and waiting for...NEW BLOSSOMS!
Then I run.

Being spring, I of course spotted these right away.
My favorite lilacs...can you SMELL them? MMMM.

Found these beauties last year.
Cutleaf lilacs...who knew?
Love LOVE LOVE finding new stuff.

Okay, see those tiny little round things growing on this vine?
Guess what they are!
Only the cutest little grapes.
Until I grew grapes, I never knew they started like this...cool, huh?
And yummy. Can't wait...remember?
That anticipation thing.

Blossoms on our Hawthorne tree.
The bright pink & white makes me happy.
Yes, a happy girl.

Ooooh. Pretty.
Spurge - in bloom.
THAT COLOR screams spring.

Thanks to my dad-in-law for sharing these azaleas with me.
Doesn't that color just MOVE you?
If not, I just think there has to be something wrong with a person...

Spring is here.
Those sweet birdies build nests under our upper porch.
Some might find that annoying.
Not me.

Our yard was FULL of the fat little babies.
They were perched anywhere they could land
until they were ready to try their new wings again.

Nests mean poop.
It's nothing a hose can't wash away.

I used to snub succulents.
Why oh why?
Look what I've been missing!
Aren't they beautiful (and less watering)?!!
Here is my Mother's Day Pot.

And here are the Mother's Day cooks.
These two goofs were busy in the kitchen all day whipping me up some
crab legs & scallops.
Oh boy. They can cook for me ANYTIME!

We got another dog!
Oh wait.
It's my daughter.
I'm not the only one wondering why SHE is in the crate.
Pepper seems to be confused as well.

Now off with you!
Enjoy your own green!


Toni C. said...

ummmmm... I LOVE the succulent pot! I have some fake ones in my house that i love, but I never thought of planting the real thing. I just might have to copy you! Happy planting!

Theresa Halverson said...

Your garden looks beautiful! Your yard is the perfect yard in the spring!

Steph said...

Pretty stuff! I'll have to post a pic of my two new favorite trees for you to see. I have no idea what they're called, but they have unusual, amazing, bright yellow leaves. I look out my window several times a day just to check on them, you know, just to make sure they're still happy... :o)

donna said...

Everything looks so beautiful You for sure have a GREEN thumb! :)

Elece said...

Shelli.....I like all those pretties. Flowers make my heart sing. I love the anticipation too. I hope you have lots of fun playing in the dirt!!!!!

Tami said...

Great pictures! I love driving past your house and enjoying the beautiful flowers in your front yard. You are such a talented gardener! I am new at this gardening thing but I love learning from you experts out there. I was just at Kiersten's house last night and I was stunned by the beauty of her poppies (I am sure they are similar to yours). I have to get myself some of those!! They were amazing. It is so fun to spend the time planting.. it really does make you appreciate every new bud. Spring is such an amazing time. Fun to watch the world come alive!

I am glad that you were spoiled for Mothers day! You deserve it. I hope that you are being equally spoiled for your birthday!

...................................Kim.......................................... said...

I'm loving green too. My mom always begged me to wear it when I was little. Thought she was crazy. I think of her whenever I wear it or spot a throw pillow I love.

I sold the fountain in our front yard. I need to come look at all your gorgeous plants up close and personal so I can figure out what kind of green does good with northern sun.

jharmon said...

You are crazy! I love that about you!