Every day moments.

I was just thinking about how I don't use my 
camera very much anymore.

When my kids were smaller, I remember having the
camera out and ready so I could capture
the cuteness that happened in an instant.
Like above when Googles would suck on her toes.
Or below when the girls would play the
"can you guess the spice" game.

But lately it seems I only have the camera when
something special happens.
Like a birthday or a trip.
My kids are older, but they still DO camera-worthy things!
Like this...
So I'm going to try to capture more of the everyday moments.
Because these days are flying by.
See ya.
Gotta get the camera out...


1 comment:

donna said...

My children are sick of me taking pictures of them.. Every time i get my camera or iPhone out, they say
" Don't take a picture of me".. But i do, and they just have to deal with it.