40 is good stuff.

This happy girl turned 40!!
Despite all the negative hype this particular birthday gets...
I must say...
40 isn't so bad!

To start it off...
My dear, amazing friend, Elece brought over a huge box.
And in it?? 
 40 gifts for me to unwrap!
My smile muscles started hurting after 2 seconds.
You should have seen us both jumping up and down
like little kids with anticipation and excitement.

It was awesome.

She was so thoughtful
and filled it with all my favorite things...
including DIRT!
Check out what she wrote on it.
"Ya...I totally got you a bag of dirt for your birthday :)"

Here it is all unwrapped.
I think my smile muscles still hurt.

But I want to tell Elece...
Thank you with all my heart.
That was a SUPER FUN gift!!!
And I loved it more than you know.

I didn't get any other pictures of my birthday.
But it was all so good.
I got to play USTA team tennis tournament.
Our team did great and we are moving on.
Trev surprised me with new tennis clothes!
My friends & family surprised me with gifts and
happy birthday messages.

I just had such a good day.
Thank you to all!!!

And then on to my darling daughter.
Isn't she pretty in green?


Love this picture of daddy's girl.
17 years ago, we only could have imagined times like these.
And now they are happening.
And they are so so fun.

And more good stuff around the corner...
1.  summer!
2.  my tennis team is going to Portland in August!
3.  my mixed tennis team gets to start practicing
4. Oregon Coast vacation
5.  A getaway with a friend
6.  My niece Chels is getting married
7.  I get to host her reception in my garden!

Keep it coming good stuff!!!


Malerie said...

What a happy post. That big box of gifts is such a fun idea! What a great friend.

And what darling prom pictures. She's GORGEOUS!

Elece said...

I am sooooo glad your birthday was great! It just may of been more fun for me doing that gift! You are the best Shells! I love love love Rachel's dress and she looks sooooo beautiful!