"If I can do it, anyone can" - me

The phone rings.
"Hello?", I ask.
"Hello, May I speak to Mrs. L please?"
"This is Mrs. L."
"Hi, this is so and so from the Herald. I am doing a piece for the paper on kayaking, and was wondering if I might be able to interview you."
"Um, me?" I stutter.
"Yes, I got your name from.....blah blah blah, and would really like to make an appointment to meet you, and ask you some questions."
"Ha ha ha ha." I laugh out loud. I wonder...is this one of my husband's pranks. He likes those, so I almost ask.
But instead I say, "Oh, I think you want to talk to my husband, he is the kayaker. I have only been a couple of times."
"Oh no", she says. "I would love to interview you. It's good to get a beginners perspective. Do you mind if I come to your home and bring my photographer also?"
I manage to mumble "um, okay", and proceed to exchange info and set up the date.

Luckily Trev got a good lunch break, so he made it for the interview. It was MUCH better with him there, because he had all the "real" info. I got written in for my positive attitude and beginner's experiences. Ha. Monkey A was even quoted in the article since she had just kayaked in Montana and absolutely loved it.
I must say though after all the hype, I felt a little like a hypocrite. I didn't get a chance to go again after that, and probably won't until next year. And because I don't want to be a hypocrite, I'll need to taste the dangers of a little white water and see if I like it. I will also need to go more often with my husband, and make sure MA gets her time on the water as well. Yes, as the article quotes us, this can be a family thing! Here's to next summer!
I did feel a bit silly posing in a kayak in my garage. It's a lot more fun on the water.


Toni C. said...

OK, it's now official... I am JEALOUS of Mrs. L.! I want to learn to kayak so bad - but the opportunity has not presented itself until now... I'll promise to come visit next summer if you promise to take me kayaking. Oh, and when you come visit me, we can go ocean kayaking! Yay!

Sants said...

I always figured you'd be famous some day! Ben LOVES to kayak - he has only been a few times, but he is obsessed. Was the photographer on a ladder or actually in your rafters for that picture? Cool angle.

Kimi said...

Its funny, I saw the picture from the paper first and wondered what in the world you two were doing.

You guys are awesome. I wanna be you when I grow up!! :)

donna said...

what a great blog and what a beautiful family you have.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What great pictures! I ♥ them!

Leslie said...

Great story and awesome photos, Trevor looks like he's in some pretty big water....hope he and Ira aren't running anthing that big today!

Smith Family said...

Wow Shelli. You are famous! When was that article in the paper? You guys are such a fun family!