My Swinging Monkeys

If you keep up with my blog, you should know that I love to play tennis. I really, very much love to play. (Iknow, you're probably sick of hearing about it...)

But did I ever mention that my monkeys play too?

They do. And they love it.

No, it's not me just loving that they love it, they really do love it! And of course, I do love that they do. Follow me?

I followed them around during their lessons yesterday with my camera.

Trev had his team practice right after the kids had their lessons. I thought of taking some pictures of him too, but didn't think he would have liked me following him around while he hit with all the guys.

Anyway, I admit I do have hopes that they will keep up with this sport. They can play it forever if they want to!

I'm really not prejudiced, I KNOW they all have great potential!!

Keep swinging my sweet monkeys!!!!


Sants said...

What a great family sport! You guys are such an inspiration!

Kristie said...

Skylar looks like a mini you! CUTE!

donna said...

so where does your children take tennis lessons at?
My Emily really enjoys tennis and she wants to play in high school next year. I would like to put her in Private Tennis Lessons.

Malerie said...

I think it's so great that you all have a common interest and that you and Trevor help your family have an active life style!

Shelli said...

Hi Donna,
They take lessons at the Tri-City Court Club. They are group lessons with kids grouped according to skill level. I think they do the same type thing at the racket club too.

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Shelli- HI! My son, Kade loves tennis and he is teaching me! I love it, I'm so a newbie but am loving it! Your blog is really fun and its good to 'catch up' - Happy Wednesday to you!! :)

Smith Family said...

How fun that your kids play tennis too. Tennis is such a great sport! And like you said, it is something that you can always play. Adam's dad is over 60 and he still plays at least 4 times a week and competes in tournaments. I hope that your kids stick with it. Cute pics.

Gramma Spice said...

Love the pics, hon! I'd love to come and watch them some day. Let me know if I can, okay..it was fun watching you play some of your matches(you won all 5 games of that last tournament..moms get to brag!). Your grampa was quite a champ and you have his talent.