It's not like Archie

My daughter is an artist.
She picked up a crayon as a toddler and has never put it down!! She went through the usual phases of drawing. Starting with pictures of herself, sketching the big circle head, and long stick legs. She always filled in the empty spaces around herself with clouds, sunshine, birds, trees, etc. Her style is fearless, confident and bold with uninhibited strokes that always make for an eye-popping picture.
She went through her "horse phase" of drawing nothing but those powerful,
beautiful creatures. She loves horses, and occasionally she will revert to her earlier subjects. Occasionally.
But right now, in this stage of her 13 year old life, her subject matter has turned to something else. Something that annoyed her parents at first. Something that made me wonder if she was wasting her talents. BUT...she has become VERY good at it, and we are proud o
f her creativity and talent in trying to perfect this style of art. What is it? Manga. Yep, manga.

The picture on the left is an example of some Manga books.
Here is a definition I found online:

Manga are Japanese comic books. Manga is often made into Japanese cartoons, or Anime. The art in Manga has a very definite look to it and is often referred to as “Manga Style.” Recently, Manga has become popular in America. It has been a very successful new medium that has become very popular with young people. Manga, and the Anime that it has inspired, has been seen on T.V., in movies, and has even influenced the art styles of certain American artists like Ed McGuinness, Brian Wood, and Frank Miller.

My kids actually like Archie comics, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, and the Far Side. Manga is not what I think of when I think "comics", but I guess I need to keep up with the times.

Anyway, here is her latest drawing. She is going to enter it in a contest at her school for the Anime club. Pretty good, don't you think?

It is a picture of the characters from a series called "DN Angel". Dark is the name of the black haired "phantom thief". Satoshi is the bespectacled teen devoted to capturing Dark. Daisuke is the boy with "Wiz" the bunny-like creature on his shoulder. Wiz becomes Dark's wings when he needs them. Okay...sound a little confusing? My older kids love to read Manga, and they know all these stories and characters, and it is a whole other world for them. Just thought I would share some of it with you too.

I'll let you know how her drawing does in the contest. Oh, and she does not trace, or copy pictures, she just familiarizes herself from reading, and knows what they look like, and transfers that to her pictures. I'm proud. Good luck Jo Bugs!


Carson said...

Uh, ridiculously good actually - wow. Does she do it backwards too?

Toni C. said...

oh... I need to hook her up with Michael next time we're there (Christmas?) He loves anime and has even created his own comic book - they could dish on... ya know, manga stuff (I pronounced this Mangia... like eat in Italian, and was promptly corrected!) Beautiful work R. Keep it up!

Halverson Family said...

Both Kendall and Chase get into drawing Japanese cartoons, too, but Rachel's drawing are great! I'm really impressed.

Jessica said...

Rachel, you are so awesome. I'm so excited for you and your amazing talent!! so cool.

Smith Family said...

Wow. She is really talented! That picture is amazing. I can't wait to hear how the contest goes. It is interesting the things our kids teach us. PS I love your new top picture of you and Trevor!

Sants said...

What a great drawring! (haha remember Mike Meyers and Saturday Night Live? Did you watch TV then?) My kids love anime too. Monkey A definitely has talent. Good luck in the contest! I love all the shading. Very well done!

Kristie said...

Go Rachel,

I love your picture and you have an amazing talent. I'm very impressed. Hopefully you will share more of pictures with us. Good luck in the contest.

Karen said...

very very cool! Kick some Manga butt in the contest!

Krista said...

I have always loved that Rachel was fearless with her drawing sticks... I remember some of my drawings at that age were barely visible because I was so timid with the pencil. Beautiful job, Rach!

Gramma Spice said...

Every time you show Grampa and I a drawing, I have to ask if you traced it! Such a talent and what a darling young woman.