The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas.

He was born, and brought home in a small red Christmas stocking. I don't have any pictures of this, because his baby pictures are still in his mother's home. I am told he was a cranky baby who cried a lot and had skinny "bird legs". Maybe he had an impatient streak even then. The legs have filled out nicely.

The day after Christmas.
A hard day for a birthday. Everyone gets presents, not just you. Everyone is sick of sweets, so the birthday cake doesn't seem so grand. But he never seems to mind. It is still a special day.

We met in the summer. We were 17. It's okay, you can laugh at my big, permed 80's hair. Isn't HE cute, though? Check out that ready smile and those twinkly eyes. Oh, and don't forget the ARMS! Yes, I am a sucker for strong arms, and I tell you what, I am still in love with those arms. They turn me to jello.

It was the day after Christmas, we were still dating, and he asked me to the movies. As we went through the ticket line, I noticed his ex-girlfriend was the one to give us our tickets. This made my stomach turn a little, but it was nothing compared to how I felt when she looked up at him with obvious adoration, completely ignoring my hand in his and said, "Happy Birthday Trevor!"
Uhhhh. Birthday? I didn't know. Or...I forgot. All I remember is feeling foolish and guilty, it should have been ME to wish him a happy birthday! Ugh. Double Ugh.

Fast forward a few years, the day after Christmas. We were driving around running errands. After my incessant whining, he turns to me and says, "Let's just drive to the hospital and see if we can get a room". I'm game. And what do you know, they gave us a room! Five hours later, he turns to me and says, "This is the best birthday present I have EVER received". He is holding our new daughter in his arms, and I can tell he is more than thrilled to share his special day with someone else. His own little girl. Now we have two "day after Christmas" birthdays to celebrate in our family.This year we decided to get a jump on the birthday festivities. It is not yet the day after Christmas, but we got the chance to gather with friends for dinner. We had such a wonderful time. Thank you Benoits, Despains, Halversons, Hickmans, Heidens, Lees, & Madsens for helping us celebrate! He enjoyed himself so much, we both did. It couldn't have been a better gift.

The day after Christmas we will celebrate again with family, and I can't wait.

He is certainly and most definitely something to celebrate!

Merry Christmas AND Happy Birthday Trevor! You are loved!


Jessica said...

What a great post for your man. Happy Birthday Trevor! I love your 17 year old picture together.

Halverson Family said...

I love the picture of you two when you were dating -- but you both look the same! Thanks for letting us share Trevor's birthday with you. We had a fun time. (Okay, but that picture of me? Yuck!) We are so glad to have both of you as friends!

Krista said...

Great post! It gave me warm fuzzies. Can;t wait to see you and share the birthdays!!!!

Leslie said...

Trevor, I'm really thankful you are one of Ira's best friends. I know you are always an influence for good in his life. And I know he really enjoys your company regardless of what new adventure you two are on. Happy Birthday.

Smith Family said...

What a sweet post. Happy Birthday Trevor! I love the picture of you guys when you were 17. Great hair. You guys are a perfect couple!

donna said...

What a wonderful B-day Post. I had No idea that you and Trevor were HS sweethearts. That is so cute.
Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Oh and I had really BIG 80s hair too.

Trev said...

Thanks for the post, Shelli! Thanks for the comments, all! I truly have some GREAT friends! I love this time of year, and it was GREAT having Gracie on my birtday! Thanks to all of you who came to RRobin to celebrate!

Karen said...

Great post! Love the picture. I love the one with Trev and Gracie too. It's really amazing to compare both the pictures. It's hard to believe that super studly 17 year old motorcycle man with the giant biceps would make such a great dad! He's definitely a keeper!

Gramma Spice said...

Shelli, I loved reading your post that took us all through memory lane. Love that "son" of ours, too!

jill said...

Yeah! I love shared birthdays....did you know Robb and I have the same birthday? I had my 4th birthday in the hospital and got a slinky and a popple ('member those?) I didn't mind at all sharing.