April Days

Most delicious picture of the month.
Pepper & Trevor.
Who is cuter? Is it a toss up? Really, there is no contest.
The smiling eyes win HANDS DOWN.
Dang, he's cute.

Getting ready for a dress-up princess party.
If you dress like one, you ARE one, that is just the way it goes.
My little ones donned dresses and immediately took on a serious, regal aura.

You can't ask her to stop and smile, because she will cock her head to the side
and flash a goofy half grin.
I took this one as she was twirling,
and was lucky enough to get that candid beauty.

Maybe my favorite room.
Lately...I hang here.
Gotta catch my breath once in a while.

Practice, practice practice.
April ends with USTA team tournament.
It's THIS weekend.
I think...
Wish me luck?


donna said...

Your girls are such princess. What wonderful pictures of them. I miss those dress -up days. Miss Emily just will not have princess parties with me anymore.

What a great room.! :) Good luck this weekend.

Elece said...

Cute blog post! Trevor and Pepper cute. Lounge area for relaxing cute. Princesses so cute. You cute. Just plain ol' cute!

jill said...

yeah! Good luck Shelli! I love your dog, your husband, your princesses, and your room!

Theresa Halverson said...

This was a cute post. I love your new picture at the top of your blog. Good luck with your tennis tournament! I know you'll do GREAT!

Krista said...

Beautiful pictures, Shell! Good luck in the tournament. Love your centered format. It feels like I'm reading a poem every time! xoxo

Gramma Spice said...

Congratulations, Shelli!! Come on, you can tell everyone how you won all the matches...tourny champ! Dad and I are so proud. You have worked hard for this. I would love a copy of the pic of you at the top of blog...and the one of Trev and Pepper. The girls are beautiful! Regal is right.

Tami said...

Your girls dresses are so beautiful! I hope that you had fun at your tennis tournament!