It's time to decorate the tree already?

Really, I promise we had a GREAT time decorating our tree!
Here's the proof...

Oh wait...
okay, here it is.
See? Just leave it to the cute little girls to prove it to you.
We can get goofy, but the tree DID get decorated.

Santa Baby & my cute little elves.

Me & my girls!

Church Christmas party.
We had a fun family dance.

Did I already say goofy in this post?
That's just the way we roll in this family.

Oh quick Trev, they are taking a picture...
act normal.

The girls doing the Cotton-Eyed Joe.
Loved it.
I think that song is still stuck in my head.

This dog is loved.
Not convinced?
Check out the photo after this one...

When you have a dog THIS CUTE,
you cannot help but top him off with a Santa hat
and snap a few photos
(and share them with your blog friends).

You're welcome...

Wait...did I mention goofy?


Krista said...

Fun GOOFY pics. LOVE'em!

donna said...

I love your house. So beautiful.
Shelli i think the last picture should be on your Christmas card! :)

Karen said...

Super cute pictures! I still can't believe that we have kids as old as ours. We're still "goofy" kids ourselves. Seriously though...your kids look so grown up and you look exactly the same. Do you remember the movie Death Become Her? You drank some of that potion didn't you?
I thought of you the other day. I got a paper back from one of my classes. I got a 20 out of 20 on it and the teacher wrote that it was an "Excellent paper with fantastic critical thinking." However I "happened" to oversee my neighbor's paper and she also got a 20 out of 20 and the teacher wrote "This is a great paper. You are a gifted writer!" She totally got a better comment than I did.

Elece said...

So your family is so cute! Even your dog!!!!!