The sweet.

It is pretty much my nature to be a happy girl.
Yes, it's the name of my blog for a reason.
I'm not bragging about that...
It's not that life doesn't affect me.
I have had my fair share or sorrow, anger, heartbreak & disappointment.

But I know this about myself...
I believe life is a gift and an immense joy!
There is always sunshine ahead.
There is lemonade from those lemons.
Life is what we make it.
Attitude is the bomb.
We are blessed to be alive!

Okay, that being said, I was in a BAD mood yesterday!
I can't put my finger on it, but happy girls DO have bad days.
OF COURSE we do!
Was it because I got creamed in a tennis match?
If so, that is just lame, but maybe that was it.
I don't know.
Whatever the reason, I did something I shouldn't have.

I ripped into this lovely, adorable, sweet companion of mine.

And then I did it again.
The first time, he tried to defend himself.
And in my mind he failed miserably.
You see, I was right...I am always right...right?

The second time, I could see he was utterly confused.
And he walked away.
Smart man?
I believe so.

But then he did something I believe was
oh so wise.

I had stormed off full of my righteousness,
slamming things around
(you know how those loud noises just help prove your point).

All of the sudden I heard soft, gentle music fill the room
Good music, beautiful music.
I recognized it as a hymn...one of my favorites to be exact.

The only other person home was Googles.
And I knew she didn't turn it on.

Okay, so honestly my first reaction was...
Is he trying to put me in my place here?
(I TOLD you...BAD mood!)

But then as I let the music in,
I physically began to relax.
My mind began to clear.
Why fight something good and peaceful.
I obviously needed it.

And this wise, beautiful man knew I needed it.

You know what?
He never said another word about my tantrum.
He didn't ignore me or confront me.
And he still held my hand that night as we fell asleep.

I think I'll just put some sap out there and say...
He is the sweet in my lemonade.
And I was a sour lemon indeed.

ps - here is my newly brunetted daughter
for those of you who've been wanting to know
if she went through with it...yup she did!
(with a bit of sassy red).


...................................Kim.......................................... said...

Marrying a man like yours, marrying a man like man. It makes every difference in the world, doesn't it. thank you for sharing this.

Sants said...

I think you truly have a gift for happiness. But it's good to know you're human :).

This is a sweet post (no pun intended).

And I think you-know-who looks great with her new hair color! What do you think?

Cherie said...

Love the pictures of you guys making up! So cute! And love the new brunett hair!!

Jessica said...

That's good stuff. I love it. You have a good one! And I love Rachel's hair. So cute.

Shelli said...

Tifani, I do like Rachel's hair, I think it is pretty. I am also hoping it is temporary. :)

Beth said...

Great post, Shelli!

Steph said...

Music is seriously powerful stuff...it can intice most any mood you desire. Hope today is a better day for you!