Spring break was amazing!
We all went to Maui for the week.

It was one of the best vacations we have had,
and we all needed it badly.
Some of us more than others.

The kids were so good and appreciative.
The weather was beautiful.
The water was amazing.
But do you know what the best part was?

Spending each day together as a family.
I mean...we are so spread out during the week at home.
So many activities, school, work...you know how it goes.
We got to reconnect, and relax together.
I relearned how sweet & affectionate my oldest daughter is.
I relearned how hilarious and easy going my son can be.
I relearned how adventurous and brave my middle girl is.
And I relearned how friendly and willing my youngest is.

We all noticed how big and spread out our home is when we returned.
And for some reason, it made us a little sad.
We really enjoyed our time in that little condo.

But like I said, it was one of the best vacations ever.
We took lots of pictures so...
I hope you enjoy the slideshow!!!
(I might watch it more than once).

...Oh yeah, and for anyone wondering from the picts...
The tattoos are temps.
Just little 2 week souvenirs.

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donna said...

wonderful trip.... Thanks for sharing...

Aunt Pat said...

Loved it! Glad it worked out so well and no huge glitches. Aren't those waves wonderful. The ocean is so nurturing and healing.

Cassi said...

Wow! Looks like a great vacation. I just love the ones when it's just our little family. I'm a little jealous - our goal is to take our family sometime soon. Thanks for sharing all those great photos!

Mara said...

Ahhhh. I feel warmer seeing your pictures already! Glad you had such a fun trip!

Krista said...

Beautiful! We're inspired to take a family vacation. Hey, I think we'll go to Yellowstone. That's the same, isn't it? ;) So glad you had a lovely time with the kids!

jharmon said...

What a sweet family! I love vacations with just the fam they are the best!

Rachel and Jake said...

Hey Shelli! Lurker Rachel Sant here... I just love visiting your blog! It makes me a happy girl! I want to be like you some day! :) I'm glad you all got your needed vacation. It's nice to get away once in a while and remember what's important! You have such a cute family!