In my head.

Just a few thoughts in my head...

 I have no pictures to share with you!
Our camera broke, and all the pictures from summer were on it. 
Big fat bummer.

Next week my team goes to Portland for Sectionals.
Time to see how we measure up.
I've had a blast getting lots of practice in.
Go Team! Go!

It was nice waking up to a clean house this morning.
We even organized kitchen cabinets yesterday.
I love that.

I'm taking the girls to get Pedicures tomorrow.
A daughter day always makes me happy.

I have the bestest hubby ever.
He's good to me.
I think he likes me a lot.
It's nice to be liked.

I made blueberry muffins from scratch this morning.
My kids thanked me over and over.

Are there really only 3 weeks left before school starts?
Didn't summer JUST start?
I'm willing to cram what we can into these last few weeks.
And I will use a different camera.

I love Sundays.
Church, a good dinner, and time with my family.
Maybe a walk too.

I better go fill the bird feeder.
It's been empty for a few weeks now.
I want fat, happy, chirpy birds.

I'm off to enjoy my day.
Happy Sunday!


Elece said...

Hi Happy Girl!!! It has been a fun tennis summer.....it has been extra fun because I have had the best doubles partner ever! Lucky Me!!! I totally agree that you should fill that bird feeder up! I can't believe your cammera broke that is totally stinky! I just love your blog....makes me smile super BIG!!!! :)

Gramma Spice said...

So sorry about your pics. Good luck with the tournament, sweetie! Have a fun time with your great friends, too. You are AWESOME!

Krista said...

Hey, do you want the pics you uploaded onto our computer from your trip here? At least we have those!
Love you!!!