Why aren't you blogging?

"Why aren't you blogging?"
I have been asked this question a lot lately.
And how nice to know that I have loyal followers that miss me.
Even if it is a handful of you.
It is nice to be missed.

And in all honesty I have really missed blogging.
I rarely have spare time any more.
BUT I am going to make time.

So here we go.
A little catch up for you of the last few months.
And then maybe we can get this 
blog thing really rolling again.
Cheer me on!
Maybe that will help!

Well this was before Christmas.
My friend Cheryl and I after racing each other
to the bottom of the hill.
Facefulls of snow....

And here is my crazy boy and his friend.
Took off their shirts and went for it.

Time for a cocoa break!
Just what we needed to warm up before
the next sledding session.

Me & my snowbunny girls.
Cheryl, Joanna, Kim & me...

Nothing like a tea party to warm you 
up on a cold winters day.
My girlies during the break.

JoBugs played in her first doubles tennis tournament.
They won a match and lost a match.
Way to go sweetie!

My sweet Hubs turned the big 40!!
Thanks to my talented friend Wendi for the 
tombstone cake.
It was amazing AND delicious.

And thanks to some great friends
who helped us celebrate.

My sweet beautiful Googles turned 8 years old.
In our church that is the age for baptism.
She was smiley and glowed on her special day.

Her cousin, Ty, was also baptized.
He is on her left in the picture.
A great group shot of both sides of the fam that came.
 Thank you family!

My sister, my niece and me.
Cooking for New Year's Eve.
So much fun.
I so wish they lived closer!!!

And more recently...
Trev and I got to go to Maui together.
He did a lot of this...kiteboarding.

We did a lot of relaxing
and just taking in the beautiful surroundings.
I think I can hear the ocean waves right now...

I have video!
I ziplined for my first time!
Ok...I did scream.
But it was a happy scream!

And I will leave you with that!
Until next time...


Karen said...

Yay! You're blogging! One of these days I'm going to start up again myself. For now...I'll just enjoy yours. Love ya tons!!

Cherie said...

Ok, I'm a one of your loyal followers! I LOVE your blog! So cute! I was looking forward to seeing the video of you ziplining though!

Floyd said...

Great pictures but I can't believe he is 40, gosh it was just yesterday he was in high school and coming to our home. Dang that means I really am older than dirt and rocks, :-)

Cherie said...

Sorry, my internet explorer stinks but once I used Firefox I was able to see the zipline scream! Love it!

Sant Family said...

I LOVE that you are back in action! Your posts are so happy and I always feel like the world is a better place after I read what you've been up to!

Congrats to the tennis players, baptized, and older (ahem) people in your family! You guys have been having fun!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! Thanks for the fun pictures!
Aunt pat

Gramma Spice said...

Love to see the new comments and pics, sweetie.