Warmth. And doodles.

I like to be warm.
Inside and out.

Tulips are my favorite flower.
I love flowers with all my heart.
I find it strange that I have many many flowers in my gardens,
but I don't have tulips!
Because you are supposed to plant them in the fall,
and I always plan for it too late!
Frost hits, and I slap my forehead every stinkin' year...
Can you plant them in the spring? 
 Please let me know
if you can... 
I would love it if you can...

Tulips warm my soul.
And so does this sweet little patch of sunshine.
Spring is coming friends...
The birdies are telling me so.

My youngest is now 8 years old.
I remember when my oldest turned 8.
Wow, was she a big girl.
But your baby is your baby, you know?
As I watched her perform in her 2nd grade play, I was overcome
with emotion for a bit.
Will this be the last grade school play my kids are in?
It is possible.
Enjoyed every tasty morsel of that innocent, joyous 8 year old play.

My littles are growing.
Aren't they beautiful?
And sweet, sensitive, giving, & happy.
I am blessed.

As my JoBugs sits in her sister's room,
they talk.
And as they talk, she absentmindedly grabs the whiteboard
and dry erase markers.
And she doodles.
She doodles the cover of the book sitting next to her
on the floor.

Man do I wish I could doodle like her...
and on a whiteboard too...


Sant Family said...

Wow. That is some amazing doodling!

If it is warm you seek, may I suggest a dose of Louisiana. We've got lots and lots of warm. Lots.

Momof3C's said...

Shelli- thank you for your incredibly sweet blog! And yes, I believe you can plant tulips in the spring- but google it for sure! I think I saw it on pinterest too. The Palm Springs trip looked like a great time, and I love Elizabeth Shue. :)