Lovin' Those Dog Days

One hundred degrees and rising.
Those are the temps this week. We can always count on a few weeks of very hot weather around here. This makes for GREAT boating days!

Saturday morning I made homemade potato salad and oven-baked chicken legs. We packed them up along with some other snacks and drinks, and took off to Levy Park on the Snake River.
It was the perfect day for being out on the water. The warmth of the sun made it so you wanted to jump in and cool off. We had a great time swimming off the boat, tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding and surfing. We enjoyed our picnic lunch as we floated along in the boat.

We love days like this. I love that feeling of coming home afterwards, warm-skinned, bodies tired from activity and sun, and full from good food and family togetherness.

ps- Had to share these great photos I took of Trev!


Toni Cavallini said...

Wow! Did you really take that picture with the water in front of the sun? You need to enter that in a contest of some kind... great pic!

I need to plan a trip home in the summer time so I can go out on your boat... that looks like so much fun!

Shelli said...

I did take that picture!
It would be fun to take you out on the boat. You are welcome any time!