Jury Duty Day

Hello! A couple things to share quickly.

Trev is back safe and sound. I admit I am sometimes a selfish person. I got the phone call a day early saying he would be home because the avalanche factor was too high and they had to turn around (no summiting this time). Part of me was happy to have him home sooner, but the selfish part of me thought, "Guess what that means! He is going to have to go back up on a different trip to summit." As I shared that thought with him upon his return, I was given his sheepish grin.
Good thing he is too cute to slug.

On another note, I got called to Jury Duty this morning, and enjoyed being dismissed off the jury for my views on depression and it's possibility of being used as a defense in this particular case. I actually would have loved to stay and participate in the whole thing, but honestly did not have the time to do it. I sat there the whole morning wondering how I could possibly be involved for 4 days, while I have a zillion places I have to be with my and my kids' schedules. Being a stay-at- home mom to 4 doesn't exactly give me the freedom to be involved in a jury at this point in my life, though honestly I would love to be given the chance again some time in the future.
So in this case, I guess it was a good thing (for me anyway), that I had some input to share, and they didn't care for it.
I was booted. So off I went to Costco, to pick up M.D. , to make phone calls to the school, to put away groceries, to put away laundry and now to pick up my kids from school.
Gotta run!

ps- just a note in case I made it sound like my schedule is more important than being on a jury. I didn't mean it to sound that way. In most cases I think I would be unbiased and would love to sit in on a case, but at this moment in time, I am overwhelmed with the thought that it would last 4 days because of all the things I am responsible for right now. And it did just so happen that I might have been a little bit biased in this case. Weird.


Krista said...

I think you are very justified in getting out of jury duty. There is someone else to take your place.
I am glad Trev got back sooner and in one piece. It sounds like it won't be his last effort, though. It probably wouldn't have been even if he had summited, though! Talk to you soon.

Shelli said...

Ha ha, that is true. When the guy buys instead of rents the poles and climbing boots ahead of time, I should take that as a clue that this time will not be the last.

R.A. said...

You showed up and answered the questions honestly. That was your duty, so good job. People who have opinions, any opinions, are usually not invited to participate. Isn't that great?

Shelli said...

Thank you robert andrew. I kind of figured that was the case when all of us who had given a comment were ushered out together. Although there was the one guy who had no opinion that was kicked off as well. Any question directed at him was answered with an, "I don't care, maybe, possibly, who knows" kind of answer. Guess those kind of people aren't invited to participate either.

Anonymous said...

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