Change is a good thing!

My blog has a new look!
It's a new year, and I am all about fresh starts. Trevor has been coming home from work most days to rearranged furniture, different throw pillows, and my need for him to help me move pictures from one wall to another.

I decided to change from "Simply, Me." to "Happy Girl". I guess I decided that I don't always see my life as being simple. Not simple as in easy, but simple as in...measly. I am here in this big world, but I'm just a speck-simple. I think I used to see myself more that way. Kind of making a difference but in the background.
I guess that maybe I have felt some personal growth this year, and that always comes from amazing experiences, good and bad.

Maybe because of those experiences, I'm going to work on these goals. I'm...
1. Not holding back on "I love you". To anyone! Mom, Dad, siblings, friends, husband, kids, you name it. Everyone deserves to know they are loved, and is there really any reason for us to hold back?
2. Getting over being shy. This will always be a struggle. It's in the genes. But once you put yourself out there, amazing friends come into your life!
3. Knowing that I am good at more than just running the household. I made the goal to reconnect with tennis. I was scared to do it, but I can't tell you what a difference it has made in me. I am healthier, happier, more confident and just proud of myself.
4. Cherishing friends and loved ones even more. The more you live and experience the more you realize how precious life is. I CHERISH my loved ones and will try not to take them for granted.
5. Making time for sweet little moments. They are easy to miss. Especially with my children. They are growing FAST. I know that soon I will be trying desperately to grasp My oldest's fingers as she begins to let go.
6. Keeping that happy attitude. Sometimes it's so easy to get dragged down. To get caught up in all the drama and sadness of this world. But I will continue to try to smile, love and uplift as much as I can.

There are so many more thoughts and goals running through this head of mine. But I will share them with you here on my blog as they unfold throughout this new year.
Happy 2008!!
(blogging...notice MD asleep in my chair)


Trev said...

I like the new look of your blog sweetie!


Krista said...

Love the new look (and outlook)! I also loved Fergie's "Barracuda"... hadn't heard that before. She sounds so much like Ann Heart! I love you, too! Gracie is so funny.

Kim said...

Hi!! I hopped over from Melanie's blog. I love your post. I feel the same way about loving and cherishing people close to me, especially my kids. Good luck with all your goals.

Kim said...

Shelli, can you send me an email so I can send you an invite?

Craig D. Anglesey said...

Hey Shell, YOU'RE AWESOME! Love the new look and always enjoy reading what you have to say about your life and life and love in general. Love and miss you, Craig

Gramma Spice said...

You are so loved, my amazing daughter...what could be more important? Am so proud of you, who your are, the love you share, and the achievements you continue to make. Thanks for being my friend and an inspiration.

Toni Cavallini said...

Ha! I never would have noticed Gracie there if you hadn't said something... looking forward to many more blogs in the new year... hmmm... maybe you'll even inspire me to get back on the wagon!