I'm game.

I love Friday. I played tennis for 3 hours this morning.
I take tennis lessons on Friday mornings. Tuesdays I play league games, and I am happy if I can fit in a game with Trevor or a friend on a Monday or a Thursday during the week.
My first lesson is 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. We do lots of different things depending on what we need to improve on. This morning we worked on underspin backhands, and cross-court returns. Al is our coach, and he is a kick. Keeps us smiling and laughing. He's easy-going and told me today that he has never had dinner without a glass of wine. Then from 10:00-12:00 I practice for team play. Our team will play in USTA tournaments in April, May and August. I love this practice, because it's more intense, and we really get working. Rob is our coach, and he has a drier sense of humor, doesn't like a whole lot of chatter during practice, and has helped me improve my game immensely.
Ever have someone believe in you, and make you think you are pretty special and that you have great potential that you might not be aware of? Rob is like that. He doesn't overtly show it, but often gives me the silent nod of approval when I do something well. For all I know he does this to all the other players too, but it doesn't matter, it makes me want to keep trying harder, and do better with each stroke.
I played hard today, and went through my water bottle during the first practice. When I got home, I scarfed down some beef and rice. (I have looked it up, and during that 3 hours of doubles and singles play, I am burning around 900 calories). I put in Spongebob for MD, because she was tired and wanted to lay down and watch it. I thought of cleaning up the kitchen, but opted to pull up a blanket and rest beside her for a few minutes. That few minutes turned into a 1 hour nap. I guess I needed it.
It has happened on days like this, that Trev will come home from work and ask if I want to play tennis after dinner. I may be tired, a little sore, whatever.
But you know what? I'm game.


Krista said...

Cool, Shell. I am proud of you. (little nod)

Kim said...

Wow. You're a machine. I tried playing tennis at girl's camp once. Its tough. You've really gotta be quick on your feet.
Thanks for the comment about looking good. I've always wanted to get in really good shape. I've kept putting if off. I've managed to be average but I'd really like to be able to keep up with my crazy hubby. For some reason I have always wanted to do a pull up. I also wanted you to know that I had such a great time hanging out the other day. You both are so down to earth and fun to be around. I felt at home. Thanks!!! Hopefully we'll be able to get together again sometime. :)

jharmon said...

Shelli that is fantastic! Tennis is the one sport I would love to be better at. I love this time in our lives where we can actually do things that we love because our kids are a little older. Sorry I never mentioned that I had a blog I just never thought about it!

Gramma Spice said...

I'm sure your grampa is looking down with a lot of pride...especially since you got some of that great talent from him..and gramma, too. It's important to find your passion...lucky for you it's one that keeps you so fit, too.

Trev said...

Shelli, you're going down! Just remember, if you keep beating me, I'll have to cancel the credit card we pay for the lessons with! :)

Shelli said...

Oooh, I love a challenge. Bring it on T!

The Sant Family said...

I'll send you a postcard - but I need your address! I think you have moved? Maybe not. Did you get our Christmas card?

Love, Tif

The Sant Family said...

I also meant to say that I took tennis lessons for two summers when I was about 10 and 11. I just lack the hand-eye coordination. However, I am decent at tennis when I play it on the wii.

Love, Tif