Nice buns

(Photo taken a few years ago)

Monkey C will be 8 years old next month. She started ballet when she was either 3 or 4, I can't quite remember. But since she started, I have had to put her hair in a bun. We keep her hair long enough so that she is always able to do the "ballet bun". I am not very good at it. I use way too many bobby pins, and it stays put, but never has that polished look to it. I've seen beautiful buns at the studio, and I have seen messy buns. MC's hair buns are in between.
A couple weeks ago, she was playing at a friends house, and the mother of this friend offered to get MC ready at their house, and take her to ballet when they were through playing. This worked out great. When I picked MC up, I noticed her bun was that beautiful polished bun I have always wanted to perfect!! So, when I took the bobby pins out that night, I was careful and paid attention to how this mom had done such a wonderful job. Hmmm. Her bun looked much better for the next lesson because I tried what I had seen, but still not polished!!! I think with the way MC is going in ballet, I have many more years of buns ahead of me. By the time she is 18 or so, maybe I will have it down!


Krista Jensen said...

I love that picture! I have the same bun issues. But Maren always seems to pull it off, and I am sure I can say the same for Skylar. Aren't our little ballerinas so precious? I watch her lesson, and sometimes I think I will run an errand, as some moms do, but then I just watch and watch. Twirly whirly, pointy pink.

Craig D. Anglesey said...

Always love reading your blog Shell. Never fails to put a smile on my face. Little Skylar is growing up so fast as are the others! Can't wait to see you all again. I'll have to give you some more tennis lessons when I visit! haha! Love ya Shlalli

Trev said...

Shelli, you DO have nice buns!! LOL.

your hubby

Toni Cavallini said...

there must be a bun making class out there somewhere! Gee, I'd be happy if I could get Clara's hair to lie down flat for a day - LOL!

jharmon said...

I guess I will never have to worry about this! That picture is so sweet. I must say it is probably better to have an okay bun and a fun,fantastic mom than to have a perfect bun and a uptight mom!
I bet Skylar feels pretty lucky to have you for a mom!

Sants said...

That is an incredible pic!! You are such a good mom.