One last get-away.

Every summer we like to fit in a little trip to Leavenworth.
It is a small Bavarian village nestled in the Cascade mountains. Only 3 hours away, we travel to get delicious german sausages and tube the river. This time we fit in some mini-golf too, and of course had a great time! Our last little get-away before school starts next week.
Einfach fantastisch, or simply fantastic!

Monkey D's turn.
Mini-golfing in the heat.
That's my smart-alec girl.
My 3 beautiful monkeys.
The hat shop - always a fun stop.
My water-lovin' hubs in the waterfall.
A few rapids made for some excitement.
Who's this? This dog loved Monkey A & Trev and wanted to be with them on their tubes instead of swimming the river with it's owner.

MB's little rest by the rocks.

Check out the view behind us!
It's a gorgeous place to take a float for the day.


jill said...

I think it is so great that your fam gets to spend so much time together!! You guys look like you are always doing something fun. Your family is beautiful.

Trev said...

Thanks Jillian! (your family is beautiful, too!) We do have fun together. We don't live somewhere as cool as Colorado, so we have to make do with places like Leavenworth, whitewater kayaking, climbing MT Rainier, etc... It was a really fun trip. We stayed in a Hotel with a pool, which the kids LOVE everytime! Mini golf was fun, but it was soooo hot that day, we just wanted to finish the golf and get into the water!

CARRIE said...

Looks like tons of fun. Love the pics. We're keeping tabs on all the fun places you go so we can enjoy them with you later. You guys are awesome!

Sants said...

We have gone to Leavenworth before and it is so beautiful. I didn't even think of tubing the river. We will have to do that next time! What a great trip and beautiful family!