My Boy.

He was born on a hot summer afternoon. He came fast with only 3 hours of labor and no medication. We have a special connection that started the day he was born.

My heart actually aches a little looking back through these pictures. Maybe it's because he is my only boy, and that cute little cheeky face is now long and lean.

Happy 12th Birthday my sweet boy.
I am SO glad I get to be your mom!!!!


Trev said...

it made me emotional to see those pictures of my little son from all those years gone by. I truly miss my little boy. He's become such a young man now. He is a very good son, though. Very good.

Krista Jensen said...

Great slideshow, what a beautiful boy! I love your new background, too...perfect!

Sants said...

It is sure a mixed basket of feelings being a mom to a boy! Love and miss the little boyness, proud of the man they are becoming ... all sorts of conflicting emotions. Boys are such a blessing to a mom and really, I think, an entire different ball game than raising girls.

I love the pictures and your new background. Very fall!

Gramma Spice said...

I want to hold that doll in my arms again. Fortunately, he still lets this grandma give him hugs and kisses. He is beautiful inside and out...a gentle giant. We have quite a few of those in our family, thankfully.