Here is my sweet sister, Krista. (Kris to me).

She has started a new blog featuring her wicked good recipes. You gotta check out her new site and yummy goodness right away!
Way to go Kris!

Here is a description from her site...

Taste Of Blue Sky
Additive Avoidance Cooking Made Easy: Shopping, cooking, eating, and snacking using the most whole forms of available food products, in simple, delicious ways. It is about avoiding additives, versus complete elimination. Preparing quick meals on a busy schedule calls for convenience. I attempt to combine the health of whole foods cooking with simple preparation. Browse the Additive Avoidance Tips, Pantry Suggestions, Serving Ideas, and over 150 satisfying recipes! Eat a
nd feel better!

This is the breakfast she made Trev for Father's Day while we were visiting. Those sausages are homemade as are the "toolicious' pancakes and cocoa. Yes, "toolicious" is a word in our house. All the kids said it when they were little, I think you can figure out which words they
And I'll use it now, because it's the perfect word for such a spread!

Have fun visitng:
Taste of Blue Sky


Sants said...

Thanks for posting about this Shelli. I did a post on it on my blog, too :). I can hardly wait to try some of the recipes!

jharmon said...

That is great! Kristi is amazing! Ican't wait to try them out!

Krista said...

Thanks for the props, Sista! That breakfast was fun... except for the cocoa spilling! Oh well, airbeds are bouncy. Miss you!