My Haiku

To get into the school spirit, I wrote this Haiku!

First Day

The school bus is near

New shoes, sharp pencils and nerves

Grins on ALL faces


jill said...

I love the last pic! I am sure there are a lot of emotions that come along with sending your kids off to school for another fearful year....but we know what emotion wins out for you....way to go Shell!!

Toni C. said...

how fun! poor little gracie... one more year! i can't believe how grown up sklar is!!

Sants said...

My back to school haiku for you:

Kids are back in school
Smiles all around I see
Biggest one on you!

The last picture (of you) made me laugh out loud, yay for school!

Halverson Family said...

Shelli, I LOVE your blog! You've done such a great job with it! We need to all get together to share Dworshak pictures. I have a few hundred! Oh, thanks for letting me take pictures of Whitney in your backyard -- weird, I know -- but they turned out great! Thanks.

Krista said...

Loved the haiku! Loved the last picture... lol!!!!