The "I" Tag...

TAG from Kimi

i am- an optimist, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, gardener, tennis-player, homemaker, cook, reader, thinker, blogger, easy-going, thankful, hopeful, happy.

i think- that doubles tennis is underrated, that the presidential election will be close, that there should be harsher punishments for crimes against women and children, and that I shouldn't take too long filling this out, because I have a lot to do today.

i know- I am loved. I am a child of God. I am blessed. I have been given a chance here during my lifetime to love, laugh, grow, serve, and do my best.

i want-to teach my kids to enjoy life, to be good and to do their best. To make my husband know I appreciate and adore him. To better my tennis game. To have someone else make dinner tonight.

i have- a cowlick, short fingernails, a pink shirt on, a great family, a wicked forehand at times, amazing friends, and a goal to eat better.

i dislike- gossip, when my kids are hurting, strawberry shortcake & child abuse

i fear- losing family, the world my children live in, & snakes

i feel- content, too full from cookies, lazy, & thankful for life, health & loved ones

i hear- Alison Krauss' beautiful singing and Gracie telling me about a toy she wants at Toys R Us.

i smell- chocolate chip cookies that my dear visiting teacher & friend brought me today.

i crave- time with my husband, my chores to be finished, & to see my sister and brother...they live too far away!

i cry- when I read the newspaper, when I say hurtful things to my husband, when innocent people are victims of evil people, when my friends and family hurt, and when I chop onions.

i usually- am thankful and happy.

i search- for things my husband and kids lose. Why is it I am usually the only one who can find things?

i wonder- what heaven is like, what people are thinking when they don't outwardly show it, and why most people love strawberry shortcake?

i regret- not making more of an effort to show my love to my sweet Grandpa the last time I saw him. I also regret the few times I had a prime opportunity to share my beliefs about the gospel, and remained silent.

i love- my husband, my husband, my husband. My dear children. My parents. Kris, Mike, Craig. Their families. My friends. My home, my flowers, kind-hearted and sincere people, laughing, sunshine, the gospel, my Heavenly Father & Jesus, babies, the smell of pine, grapefruit & mint, taking pictures....too much to list.

i care- exactly, I care.

i always- need to have a clean home, tuck my kids in at night, sing to songs I hear, am working on bettering my tennis game.

i worry- about my children and the world surrounding them, I am not doing all the things I should be doing, and about my friends & family when they are going through hard times.

i am not- a whiner, a shopper, tall

i remember- faces (not so good with names), the first time my heart broke

i believe- every child deserves love, direction and discipline from their parents & in a Heavenly Father that knows and loves me. Oh, and I think I believe in UFO's!

i sing- a lot. I have always wanted a better voice, but I still love to sing. Almost every night at bedtime, I sing "The Sandman" to my son, "Do Re Mi" to Monkey D, "A Child's Prayer" for Monkey C, and sadly Monkey A has grown out of lullabies, but it used to be "My Favorite Things" for her.

i don't always- floss like I should, sorry T.

i argue- as little as possible. I do not like contention and my whole family will tell you I like PEACE. I probably argue most with my 13 yr old, only because she is a TEEN.

i write- on my blog, in my head, in my journal, notes to myself, lists for my day, cards to friends, and little notes for my kids.

i win- at tennis during league play and in Boggle against Trev.

i lose- at Blurt with Trev, at Scrabble with Trev, and golfing with anyone.

i wish- I could be less shy, more selfless, & that the world was a kinder place in general. I also wish I could live closer to my siblings, and that I could talk to my Grandpa again, and sometimes I wish I could have one more child.

i can usually be found- on the tennis court, at home doing household stuff, running kids around in the car, in my garden.

i am scared- of snakes, and of not planting all those seeds of goodness in my kids that I so want them to have.

i need- to get off the computer, finish laundry, make cookies for the kids' lunches, and go get hay from my friend for hayrides this weekend.

i forget- dates of all the activities that go on in my family! That's why I have to have my Palm, and 3 calendars!!!

i am happy- as often as I let myself be. When my husband laughs, when my kids hug me, when I'm with friends, when I feel healthy, when I am serving and thinking of others more than myself.

How do you feel today?
Play along if you would like. I tag all of you!


jill said...

Yea, Shelli! I love it when I get to know you and Kristi better through the blogging process! I wonder about your comment on haveing another baby...I am always worrying about if I will get the "I am done" feeling after this one, or if I will get it and then I will feel like I do need to have another one...

Shelli said...

I think you just know. I think. Ha ha. I am pretty sure that if it were possible for my body to have another baby, I would have had #5 already believe it or not. But because of complications after Gracie's birth, it is not to be. BUT...I am so satisfied with 4 beautiful, fun, good children, and I couldn't ask for more! Besides, I do get to do things now that my kids are older that I never would have dreamed I could do with all those little ones around!!! :) It's all good! I am blessed!!

Kimi said...

Can I just tell you how much I love you. You are such a sweetheart! This was so fun to read. I can tell you really thought through your answers. Its fun to sit and really think about our beliefs and what makes us tick.

Sometimes I wish I could have a big girl party with all the gals that I love, there are so many women, like you especially, that I would like to spend more time with. Thank goodness for blogging. Its not realistic with my family and all that I have going to give as much attention to my friendships as I would like. But, man does it feel great to know that I am loved and if we could get together we'd sit, talk and have a really great time.

I will never forget that you and Trevor brought flowers and dinner. THANK YOU. That meant so much to me.

OH, and thanks for the tip on my son. I think he'll grow out of it too.

Trev said...

That is probably the best thing I have ever read, ever. I love you so much... more than you will know. In my quiet moments of missing you when I am away doing things, when I nuzzle up next to you in bed (even when you are sound asleep), when I walk up behind you and put my arms around you as you cry chopping onions, and when I proudly watch you belting that tennis ball....those are all times my heart swells with love for you, and you really don't know it.

Krista said...

I love you, Shelli, Blue-eyed Tiger. What a great opportunity to think about answers we should probably think about more often. You are the best! You are so good at making everyone around you happy... even since you were teeny tiny! Great post!

Halverson Family said...

I loved reading this about you and was going to leave a comment, but I can't top what Trevor wrote. How totally sweet!!! (But I think you need to try strawberry shortcake again -- hah ha.) Thanks for letting Chase come over last week. He had a great time and even mowed the lawn Friday morning before school so he could go. :-)

Leslie said...

Shelli-I linked to your blog from Leshie's. Love it! I'm knew to the blogging world and really enjoyed learning more about you! Have a great day!

Leslie said...

Your gentle, sweet, caring spirit comes through in all you do and say. Thanks for sharing and being such a great example of what a wife, mother, friend and daughter of God can be.

jharmon said...

Your amazing, but I knew that when I was 12! You are a great life long friend. It brings me joy to see that you have not changed much from when we were young!
love ya

Gramma Spice said...

You are precious to all who are lucky enough to know the real you..I hope you know how important you are in my life..how much joy you gave to your grampa..his special angel..so have no regrets about that difficult time. Our burdens are made lighter because of your care, wisdom and laughter. You do me proud every day of my life and I love you forever.