Sixth Picture from Sixth Folder - Tag

Okay, I got tagged by Theresa. You find the 6th picture from your 6th folder, post it, and describe it. Here goes...

A few months ago our computer crashed big time and Trev had to recover all our photos. We didn't get them all back, but what we did get back are now completely mixed up in folders, so I was wondering what picture would appear, it could have been anything.

Here it is. This is hilarious. This is from our vacation to the British
Virgin Islands we took in the winter of 2007. Funny Theresa tagged me for this, because they were on this vacation with us. Anyway, this is Trevor holding the feet of Ira. We had a huge barracuda just floating there under the boat. We had snorkeled around him and realized that this little escape hatch?? was right about where is was floating. So Trev took Ira's feet, and Ira put on his mask and snorkel for a close up lookie-loo. Yes, they are crazy men. We were laughing pretty hard, until Ira starting shouting, "Okay, pull me up, pull me up!!!" The barracuda had started to move I think.
Absolutely amazing vacation, in fact I wish I were there right now. Another funny thing about the barracuda, almost every time we anchored the boat, we had a lone barracuda floating there under it. We joked that maybe the same one just kept following us around from stop to stop.

If you want to see more pictures from BVI, one of my favorite vacations ever, you can go back and check out my posts from 2007: Mermaid and Flying Crazy Man and 2008: Christmas Vacation in the Sun and Vacation Pictures Continued

Beware - viewing of more photos may bring on an overwhelming desire to hop on a plane and head for sandy white beaches, bluest of blue oceans and a waiting tan. Let me know if this desire is too much...I'll go with you!!!

Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to tag 5 more people. How about Kristi, Stephanie, Malerie, Donna, & Wendi.


donna said...

The next time you all go on a fun boat trip. Hello call us. :)
Oh thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures with us.

donna said...

Am i the Donna you tagged? :)

Theresa Halverson said...

That is a hilarious memory! It made me laugh remembering it again. Why didn't we do something to Ira when he was so vulnerable there? Darn! Lost opportunities. So, looking at those photos again has brought on an overwhelming desire to hop on a plan and head for sandy white beaches, bluest of blue oceans, and a waiting tan! That was a GREAT trip!

Steph said...

So, its embarrasing, but I had to look up what a baracuda was. I've heard the song by Heart...It's catchy, but I never really knew what it meant. So Wikipedia is awesome. Here's what I learned...(Barracudas) are voracious predators and hunt using a classic example of lie-in-wait or ambush. They rely on surprise and short bursts of speed (up to 27mph (43 km/h)[3]) to overrun their prey, sacrificing maneuverability.

Ira does look a little vulnerable in that pic. Sounds like a fun time. :oD

Was I tagged???

Krista said...

Funny, funny! Your husband cracks me up. So glad he's my brother. I guess I better go find a 6th picture of my 6th folder!

Sants said...

I didn't know what a barracuda was either, other than some mean girl in the song by Heart. (Which I love.)

That is a funny picture.

I remember your trip - I wanted to ask - did you get seasick? I think I would.

PS I posted the recipe for the waffle cookies on my blog.

Trev said...

I love that pic, but love the memory more! That barracuda was AWESOME! Looking forward to another trip down there! So much fun jut sailing and relaxing! The diving was great, the games were fun, but the trampoline rodeo in the big surf was the highlight!

...................................Kim.......................................... said...

I'm so glad you gave an explanation with this picture!! I'd like to experience some warm beaches too. I've yet to do that. Someday soon hopefully.

Wendi said...

Great picture..I laughed when I saw it...I don't dare say what I thought Trevor was doing at the time. So, glad I read the story. You guys are awesome!

Leslie said...

We always have a lot of explaining to do when we show people that photo.....thanks for filling everyone in Shelli.

jharmon said...

Great photo! It gave me a good laugh!